One Year ago today, pt. 2

This day last year was my very first consultation with an OB-GYN. After seeing the results of the 2 HPT that I’ve done the day before, my bestfriend suggested that we visit an OB-GYN to confirm the test results. Good thing that my friend has a good head on her shoulders as I was already out of my mind after seeing the results.

We went to the clinic, and while waiting for my turn to be called for consultation, the nurse took my blood pressure and weight as was the protocol. I do remember my heart racing during the short wait, which actually felt like forever.

My friend was with me the whole time. The OB-GYN then asked me for the usual symptoms (morning sickness and the likes) to which I replied that I never experienced them. She then calculated my due date and pegged it at September 10, 2013.

I was listening and I heard everything she said that time. But I felt like I was going through the motions of what she was instructing me to do moving forward as my head was racing. It was confirmed. The HPT results were correct. I was indeed pregnant.

The OB ordered for an ultrasound to further confirm and I had the procedure taken that same day.

while waiting to be called by the sonologist
while waiting to be called by the sonologist…find the missing fire extinguisher

I didn’t see a baby, rather I saw something round. As was explained by the Sonologist, there was already a yoke sac but no fetus visible yet and suggested a repeat ultrasound after two weeks.

It was a moment of conflicting emotions, to say the least.

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