Learning How To Be A Mindful Mom

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In the midst of juggling all the million little things that we’ve set to accomplish, where do we leave ourselves? Do we have time to dedicate just for us, moms? Do we give ourselves a few minutes to just breathe and smell the roses, so to speak? To listen to our own thoughts and not thinking about the list of to-do things that we have yet to tick off the list?

Why are we in a hurry?

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Philippine Homeschool Conference 2016: A Few Takeaways from Keynote Speakers

I have always been fascinated by┬áthe concept of homeschooling since I was a kid. Some of the kids in church that I played with were homeschoolers and the idea of staying at home and receiving education was considered awesome for someone who had gone to a traditional school. As I grew older, I have seen and learned more about homeschooling that had not only fascinated me but made me want to homeschool my kids in the future. So when I learned that there was a homeschool conference happening, I didn’t hesitate to sign up. So, on October 22, I woke […]

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