Ipon Challenge 2018: Baby Steps Towards Financial Freedom

The end goal in doing these money challenges is forming the habit of saving money. These are a few of the baby steps that we can take towards achieving financial freedom.

These challenges are short term as well and one thing that will make one stick to these challenges is setting goals. Apart from forming a habit, what are you saving up for? Z and I have big goals this year. And I do hope that we can tick a few off the list by the end of 2018. Looking forward to the challenge.

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Are We Ready for Our Child’s Education?

Disclaimer: this is an unsponsored post. Just wanted to share what I learned. 🙂 I was browsing through Facebook a few weeks ago when I stumbled upon a seminar posted by Mothercare Philippines: I was interested to attend as I have been planning to have my son homeschooled, especially when I confirmed that he has Down syndrome. It is not for the reason that I don’t want him to interact to “normal” kids but rather to ensure that his studies will be based on his own learning curve. So when I saw this, the first thing I checked was the schedule. It was […]

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