Roadtrips and Holidays

After five and a half  months, we are at home here in the mountain city for the holidays. We have about a week of cool weather though given the long weekend due to the All Saints’ Day holiday, I am expecting an influx of tourists in the mountain city (as it has been previously).

Anyway, given that it’s been almost half the year before I got to be on a long bus ride with the little boy and on vacation for almost a week, I actually had a hard time packing what we needed to bring. Since the little boy has already been weaned from bottle feeding, I didn’t need to worry about packing several feeding bottles that could consume too much space. I had to pack several shirts – sleeveless (in case it gets too warm during the day), short sleeves (for those days when the weather is comfortable), long sleeved shirts (for the cool evenings), jackets, shorts, jeans, pajamas, underwear, hand towels and bath towel, and a week’s supply of diapers (yes, the little boy is not yet potty trained so we still need this). I also had to pack a few of his toys, a box of crayons, and one of this activity boards. I also had to bring his training cup (since he doesn’t want to drink from any other cup apart from his own cup) and his set of toiletries. Talk about packing light. LOL! I think you really can’t do this with a toddler in tow.

All bags are packed for a week's worth of vacation :P
All bags are packed for a week’s worth of vacation 😛

I now travel with a pillow and a cabin blanket. These really come in handy when the little boy takes naps during the trip. And since our trip was at around noon, I packed a light lunch for the little boy as well so he can eat during the trip. Included in the bag a few snacks that we can munch on during the trip, too. I bought tickets in advance for a first class trip so it’ll be a non-stop trip.

On the way to the bus station
On the way to the bus station

Half an hour before the bus was due to leave, the little boy ate his lunch. Just as soon as we left the bus terminal, the little boy slept. Both the little boy and I slept almost the whole trip, actually. LOL! Even the little boy’s Ate Lhen slept, too. We woke up when we reached Marcos Highway already, when the temperature started to change. You can really feel the difference even if the bus is air-conditioned. And it was foggy, too, at some parts.

Fog along the way, nothing to see outside the window :)
Fog along the way, nothing to see outside the window 🙂

We reached home after four and a half hours of non-stop road trip. It probably would have been half an hour to almost an hour earlier if we didn’t get stuck in traffic as soon as we reached the boundary. It was slow-moving when we got there so what could have been a five to ten-minute trip lasted almost an hour.

Afternoon traffic in the mountain city
Afternoon traffic in the mountain city

We reached home at almost six p.m. It’s been a tiring day, my back hurt from too much sitting, I was famished that I ate heavy snacks then had dinner an hour after. LOL!

Tomorrow’s going to be a busy family day as it is my Dad’s death anniversary. It’s been four years already since he said his farewell but sometimes it feels like it was just last week when it happened. Anyway, we’ll be having a family fellowship to remember our family members who have already passed away, a tradition we have started a few years back.

And so I might as well end it here. I’m still not sure of what the agenda will be in the next few days but we might as well enjoy the time we spend here at home. All I know is it will be a few days away from the daily stresses of the big metro and that these next few days will be sort of recharging time before going through the next several weeks before this year ends.

We barely have two months left before the year ends. 🙂

Any plans for the long weekend? Lemme know 🙂



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