Blabber Chapter: Wake Me Up When September Ends…

…said the song by Greenday. LOL! Well, guess what? September is over. And we are a few days in October already. It’s already the 4th here on this side of the world. Barely 82 days before Christmas, if you are counting down.

September is usually the busiest month that we have at work. I used to enjoy it. The long work hours, getting overloaded with tasks with short deadlines, trying to finish everything before the month ends. I used to get an adrenaline rush just anticipating the work load that I would have. Some would actually say that I was a masochist back in those days when it comes to work. It never really bothered me. I lived for that kind of environment.

Well, that was then. This year, for some reason, I cannot push myself to be at least half of what I used to be. I have multiple tasks that could easily be finished in one sitting but I get it completed in a week, if I complete it at all. Maybe my being a workaholic for a very long time has finally taken its toll. Or probably, becoming a parent has changed my perspective. Add to that my being tired all the time, it seems.

Let me break that down for a bit. I’ve been in the corporate world for almost 14 years now. The last time that I’ve had a break in between jobs was between my first and second job – about 3 months. Between my second and my current job, I only had a week which is not really a break, if you ask me. That time, it felt like I just took a week’s off from work to celebrate Christmas before I started on a new job. And I never had any long breaks afterwards. The 2-week off I get during Christmas and New Year holiday doesn’t really count since I was used to bringing home work with me and checking in every once in a while, just making sure that everything’s working fine. So, to sum it up I have been working, working, working and working these past few years without realizing that eventually, I would need a real break.

So yeah, maybe I am already burnt out. I have been feeling it for quite some time but I tend to ignore it. However, I have been having a lot of realizations for the past few months and this is one of them. The feeling of being burned out is no longer something that I can ignore. Rather, I need to take action on it. So, for the next three remaining months of this year, I need to get myself back to the drawing board and write down a concrete and achievable plan for next year. I have a lot of ideas in mind but then again, knowing myself, I just start on something but never really finish it. So everything needs to be properly planned and followed through if I want my ventures to be successful.

Anyway, enough of that kind of mushy stuff. Let’s talk about something else.

Halloween is coming up. I’ve seen a lot of event invites in FB already for Halloween parties and all that. But to be honest, I really don’t believe in Halloween. As a kid, I never even tried attending Halloween events for kids back in my day. But when I became a Mom, the first one I attended with Z and my sister was the Halloween party of Mommy Bloggers Philippines. Z was only about 1 year 2 months that time so it was my sister and I who had fun. We never even had any costumes on. LOL!

no costumes :D
no costumes 😀

We weren’t able to attend last year due to conflicts in schedule but hopefully, we would be able to attend this year’s event. *Crossing fingers*

So why do I try to attend Halloween parties? While I don’t believe in Halloween, I like bringing Z to these events for exposure. I want my son to be able to interact with other people and other kids his age. And I like to interact with other parents, too, you know. Given my status as a single, working mom, my time is divided between work and tending to my son’s needs. My social life is dying so events like these gives me an opportunity to interact with adults, too. 🙂

I’ve been looking at my calendar and it looks like my October is fully booked. And there are even a lot more of events that I am interested in going to but it already conflicts with others that I have already booked. This should be fun. 🙂

Well, let me end this post now by saying, “Hello, October! Looking forward to a fun-filled month!” 🙂


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