Midnight Babbles: The Day shift…

It’s already the 14th of March this side of the world. Where did half of the month go? It seems like yesterday and I was thanking the heavens that February is over and here we are, already halfway through the next month. Sheesh!

Since last week, I have been on the morning shift. In other words, I work like the rest of the normal people – 9AM-6PM shift. Traffic in the mornings is really bad but I have been enjoying the morning commute, for some twisted reason. LOL! I take the tricycle then I take the bus then walk the rest of the way. Heat at mid mornings is relatively tolerable so the commute is fine with me. At the same time, because of the short walk I have to do to get to my office building from the bus stop helps me complete my target number of steps in a day (as dictated by the pedometer app in my phone, which I find to be a very cool app ūüėõ ).

There are a few downsides of working the morning shift for me though. First: I am not a morning person, so the struggle of getting up as soon as my son does (he’s a very early riser) is very, very real. Second: I have meetings scheduled after 6PM that I am required to attend and sometimes, dialing in is not an option so I cannot attend the meetings virtually. Third: given the¬†hectic schedule, I haven’t been able to spend more time with Z in the mornings and he’s already asleep by the time I get home. Fourth: I can no longer do the tasks¬†and errands that I needed to get done in the mornings before I report for work because I no longer have the time in the mornings to do so.

There are a few upsides of this shift, too. ¬†First: Given the traffic conditions in the mornings and by the time I leave work (if I get the chance to leave work by 8PM), taking the¬†tricycle and the bus from home to work and vice versa has significantly decreased my transportation expense. Second:¬†I¬†have time to buy groceries before I go home. Third: if I am lucky and able to go home by 7PM, I get to see my son still awake and that allows me so spend a little time playing with him before bedtime. And I get to tuck him to bed, too. ūüôā

This schedule for me is only temporary since I am part of the support for an on-going project. After this week, I go back to my normal schedule which is from 2PM. That will be more conducive for me since Z has therapy sessions scheduled during mornings as well.

Oh well. I am so going to need a mug of strong, freshly brewed coffee in the morning, that’s for sure.

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