12 Days of Gratitude – Day 8

In less than 24 hours in this side of the world, it will be Christmas. Are your lists complete yet? 🙂

My son and I will be having lunch with a few friends tomorrow and I am already excited and at the same time worried. Excited because this will be the first time that the three of us will be seeing each other after having kids. Will talk about that more after the lunch date. I am worried though because of the heavy traffic jam due to last minute shopping and what-nots. I hope it won’t be too bad getting a cab tomorrow going to the mall and coming back.

Anyway, I was thinking of what to  be grateful for for today since I just stayed home with the little boy and we didn’t do much apart from sleeping and eating. 🙂 Then my brother said that it is the barangay‘s Christmas party this evening and that we should go. So after feeding little Z his dinner, I changed him into warm clothes and off we went with my Mom to the barangay hall which was just a couple of blocks away.

There were not much people there. Just a handful, in fact. And while food was being prepared, my Aunt and brother started with teaching a layered-style Christmas song. It was actually fun. Then my Aunt led a simple service before we started eating. Since it was getting late and they still have a few activities for the evening, my Mom, little Z and I left early since it was getting colder and the little boy has to go to sleep already.

Left: my brother teaching the crowd a layered-style Christmas song Right: my Aunt leading a small service
Left: my brother teaching the crowd a layered-style Christmas song
Right: my Aunt leading a small service


food! :D
food! 😀

So for today’s gratitude:

I am grateful for a great community that I grew up in. Almost everybody knows everyone and together, I believe we build a great support system when calamities strike. Inspite and despite of all the pettiness and the politics that happen (I’ve heard quite a few, LOL), I don’t think I’ve seen a community close to what we have right now. And of course, thanks to my brother who has been involved in some of the activities of the barangay, I was able to join tonight’s festivities. 😀


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  1. It’s been a long time since I’ve attended brgy activities! Those are fun! When I was a kid, the elders in our hometown would organize a group carolling and whatever money we get are spent on brgy party! Good times.

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