12 Days of Gratitude – Day 7

I just realized that my 12 Days of Gratitude will end on the 28th. I was initially thinking it would last until January 1st. LOL! I think my brain was already asleep when I came up with the idea. Oh well, never mind as I have several ideas lined up for posting in the days after this series.

So, this is what it feels like to be on vacation. I slept most of the morning away and then took a nap with my son after his bath. I left the house mid-afternoon to run some errands and while the items I was set to buy are out of stock made me feel disappointed, I ran into a friend and chanced another on her break. We had a quick coffee for hi-hello-how-are-you-see-you-soon-merry-christmas session.

I rarely get to spend time with those friends now given our busy schedules as well as the distance where we all work (both of them work here in the mountain city while I and a few other friends work in the big metro). So, spending even half an hour to catch up with friends is already becoming a luxury that we get to enjoy every now and then.

For today, I am grateful for friends that I have known for a long, long time. We may never get to see each other as often as we like but they are still friends who I know will always be there should I need help. All they require from me is to holler. Oh, and a cup of joe. 🙂


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