Blog Challenge – Day 29: Are You a Lefty or a Righty?

This is an easy challenge. 😀

When I was a baby, according to my Mom, I was a lefty. Something I got from my Dad. He was a lefty, too. My Mom is a righty.

When I was a toddler or I think a pre-schooler, my Mom was trying to teach me how to write and she was having a hard time teaching me how to hold the pencil because I was a lefty. So, for her to be able to teach me properly, she trained me to be a righty.

When I learned about that during my grade school years, I tried to train myself to write left-handed. Haha! That was hard. That went on until high school when all the righty people got fascinated with the lefty ones and we were challenged to do the same. It came to a point that I got quite the hang of writing left-handed. I didn’t write as fast as I did using my right hand but I was getting the control of writing letters of the same height and within the line. Then I stopped.

Nowadays, I am mostly a righty. I write with my right hand, I carry my little Z with my right arm (it’s not as comfortable shifting him to the left arm but it is doable), I hold my spoon using my right hand, and some other menial stuff that I don’t think about, I use mostly my right hand/arm.

I type SMS using my left hand, though. Something that my friend noticed back in college. I didn’t even notice it. That was before the time of smart phones and most of the people I know type SMS on their phones single-handedly using right hand. I was having a hard time typing using my right but I am comfortable using my left hand to do that. Even now, when I need to send messages using my blackberry phone (it is hard typing single handed using touch screen phones, you know), I use my left hand if not both.

Hmmm… what else? I carry my backpack on my left shoulder. It’s not comfortable carrying it on my right. I usually sleep sideways on my right because my little Z is on my right (due to the way our beds are set up mostly) but when I am alone, I am more comfortable sleeping sideways facing left (especially if that is where the wall is, LOL!).

I am dominantly a righty but there are cases that my being a lefty (by birth) comes out. 😀

I wonder if my son will be a lefty just as I used to. But I think he is going to be a righty. We’ll see about that. 😀


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