Blog Challenge – Day 13: Something You’ve Been Putting Off

Almost halfway done with this challenge. Sometimes I wonder why I thought of doing another one of this. LOL!

Anyway, here we are, day 13.

There are a lot of things that I have been putting off. Remember the time that my backpack was stolen from the bus on my way home? You can read all about it here. I lost a few important IDs and documents that time. And that includes my passport and my driver’s license. Since that time, I kind of lost interest in getting a replacement because 1) I had no plans of traveling this year, 2) I would just wait for my birthday to replace my driver’s license since I would have to renew it this year anway, 3) I don’t have a car to drive, what was the rush?

Well, guess what? I might be traveling within the year – I think in the next couple of months, work-related. And for me to get the approval process rolling, I need a passport. So, now I am in a rush to get my passport replaced. I already got an appointment and my papers have already been printed. I am just waiting for my schedule so I can get this off my list. Oh, and I am having it processed rushed. LOL!

My driver’s license is expiring tomorrow. I think I will put this off for now since I don’t see any rush for me to do this. There’s going to be additional charges for late renewal but what the heck? It’s not high in my priority list right now.

Another thing that I have been putting off is our DSAPI membership. It’s not that I was really putting it off, it was just that I was having quite a hard time juggling my schedule between work and going home on weekends. Work schedule has been quite erratic and it will be like this for quite some time, as far as I can tell. *Sigh* I am going to work on that membership within the week. 😀

Hmmm… I’ve mentioned about crazy work schedules. One other thing that I have been putting off due to my schedule is rearranging my bedroom. I have rearranged my room about this time last year and now, I think I have to do some rearranging again. I think this is something that I can eventually schedule since I now have an idea on what to do as well. One of the reasons why I put it off. Haha!

There are quite a more few things that I have been putting off but let’s keep this list short. It looks a whole lot better anyway. LOL!



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