Blog Challenge – Day 14: Been to Any Concerts?

There are all sorts of concerts, if you ask me. If I had been to one, yes, I’ve been to several local concerts – from church concerts, choir events, local concerts, etc. But if you’re asking me if I’d been to a concert of some big named bands, locally, I’ve been to one.

The earliest concerts that I’ve been to would be church concerts. My family had been very active in church events when I was younger. And during those days, there were a lot of church concerts especially during the Christmas holidays. There was even one foreign band that I’ve watched when I was in college. I forgot the name of the band but I do remember that I was amazed with the skills of the drummer. Those days, I rarely see drummers doing a double bass beats. I bought their CD and had it signed, too. Although I can’t remember where I put it. It’s in one of my boxes somewhere, that’s for sure.

For local bands, I’ve seen a few. The bands that played during Flower Festival way back. Some of them were: Parokya ni Edgar (which I ended up walking from Camp John Hay going home at almost midnight because of the hoards of people that were there and the lack of taxi cabs roaming around the area. And let me tell you, John Hay is far from the house.), The Dawn, Bamboo, Session Road (I’ve seen them a few times, too), Rivermaya (I’ve seen them play in Baguio shortly after Bamboo left the band), Callalily (I’ve seen them a few years back during the UP Festival. They were about to become  known during those days), Razorback (second year anniversary of Kerplunk, I think that was the name, where I thought Saguijo was going to crash and burn due to the hoards of people), and I’m sure I’ve seen a few more that I just can’t remember now.

For choir events, well, I’ve attended one or two choir events care of my youngest brother. I’ve seen UP Madrigals as well as UP Concert Chorus. I’m sure I am missing a few as well but I can’t remember the names. 😛 Oh and, well, they’re not a choir, but I’ve also seen Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra. They are good! 🙂

And to answer one other question: no, I haven’t watched any of those really big production concerts where you get to pay thousands of pesos for a ticket and you only get the seat too far from the stage and have to be very early at the venue to line up to get a better view of the stage. Maybe one day I will do that. Once I learn how to be patient on these things. 😛


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