Family Date @ Star Cafe

About a couple of weeks ago, the news that Star Cafe and Restaurant along Session Road in Baguio City circulated the cyber neighborhood. Star Cafe is one of the oldest restaurants in Baguio. I think the ones that are as old have already closed a long time ago. The restaurant is located at Lower Session Road, near the newly built (well, relatively new I think) tall building at the corner of Upper Mabini Street.

After 74 years in business, Star Cafe is closing its doors. According to the news article, there are no successors within the family and the owner is still undecided if she will sell the business. But since the news came out a couple of weeks ago, I don’t know if there’s an update to that to date.

I am not sure if we frequented this place when I was a kid but I am very much familiar with it since I always pass by it whenever I am in town (before SM Baguio, our choices for food, educational supplies and other stuff can be found in Session Road). But I am very much familiar with their cinnamon rolls (the round ones). I think it is one of their specialties apart from the egg pie.

Anyway, the other weekend, the family planned that we have lunch at Star Cafe before they totally close the business. And so last Saturday, we had our lunch there. My Aunt and brother went ahead to have two tables reserved and ordered the food ahead of time since we were expecting that the place will be packed from lunch time up until dinner time, probably.

star cafe menu


Apart from the bread, there were two orders of each viand (one for each table). And as people arrive, we replenished what was gone. We had a third order for the sweet and sour pork and hototay soup, I believe. 😀 Their shanghai rolls were the best. My mom loved the pancit, my brother loved the sweet and sour pork.  Their streamed chicken was yummy, too. But one of the things that Star Cafe is known for (and darn me for not being able to take a photo of it) is the half and half – Half coffee, half milk. LOL! They serve brewed coffee and give you evaporated milk for it. And their coffee is good. And they don’t serve it in small fancy cups, too. They give you the big mug. 😀

Here are a few shots from the family affair:

early birds :D
early birds 😀
Z with the pretty Lola and pretty Tita
Z with the pretty Lola and pretty Tita



Well, Star Cafe is said to close its doors this July 8. Too bad I forgot to order their cinnamon rolls for take out. I should have probably waited for the next batch. 😛



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