Blog Challenge – Day 6: Something for My Kids to Know

We left the mountain city at 10AM this morning and arrived in the big metro by 4PM. I’d say that the travel time was fast. If not for the third and longest stop over, we would have reached the terminal before 4PM. It seems that Victory Liner has been working on a faster and more efficient travel. Good job to them if that is the case. 😀

on the way down to the big metro
on the way down to the big metro

The little boy has been very active the whole trip. Months back, during travel time, he either sleeps, feeds or plays quietly on your lap. Now, he wants to stand up, move around and look at everything that catches his interest. And more often than not, everything he sees seem to be very interesting. LOL! He even had his screaming match with his Mamita. LOL!

yelling contest.. who do you think won? :D
yelling contest.. who do you think won? 😀

My little boy is indeed growing too fast. Sooner or later I would just realize that the little baby that I have been lugging around would be walking beside me holding my hand and telling me how his day went. I wish time would indeed slow down a bit.

my little big boy :D
my little big boy 😀

With that said, here’s day 6 challenge. When my little Z grows older, I will tell him all about my Dad. My Dad passed away before my son was born. As what I’ve been told, when someone passes away in a family, there will always be a “replacement”. Somehow, Z became that. And since he is somewhat the “replacement”, he needs to know all about the GrandDad that he never met.

I have written a tribute for my Dad last year for Father’s day that somehow summarizes who my Dad was. I will tell Z (and God-willing, my other kids in the future) all about their GrandDad and how he raised us. I will impart to them all of the values that my Dad and Mom taught us when we were growing up.

And maybe, one day, I will tell Z all about his father as well. If and when he asks. Truth be told, I’m not sure I am ready or will ever be ready for that time, though. But I owe it to my son.

Anything you want to let your kids know in the future?



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