I have a few topics in my head that I have been wanting to blog about and as much as I would really want to do one right now, it seems that my brain is now  in limbo and I am sure that I won’t be able to get a coherent thought out of my dried up brain cells.

This week was the start of the long, rigorous process of system migration testing at work. Fourth day into the first stage and issues are piling up faster than the speed of light (Kidding! but you get my drift). It is Frustrating, with a capital F!

One more day before this week ends but I am already drained. I feel like my brain was hung to dry with all the thinking and analysis it did earlier (ha! sure!). I have been starting my day at 10AM and ending it at 10-11PM. A whooping 12-13 hours, you say? That’s my normal working hours.

What adds to my frustration is that, given that I start at 10AM (which I consider very, very early as I have been in the mid-shift for the past few months), I spend so little time with my little boy. I wake up, bathe him, feed him and put him back to sleep sometimes before I fix myself and go to work. I come home and he’s already asleep. 🙁

Ah, the hardship of being a single parent. But then, it can’t be helped. I’m not complaining. I just can’t wait for the weekend so I can spend the whole two days with the little boy.

For now, I’ll go get myself a few hours’ sleep before this little boy beside me again decides that 5AM is already play time. LOL!

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