Blog Challenge – Day 7: Memories: What’s Your Earliest One?

My son has just gotten back to sleep after being awakened by an upset stomach about two hours ago. He woke up a few minutes after I arrived home and vomited. He had a hard time going back to sleep after that and it seemed that he was still uncomfortable. He didn’t want to be carried, he didn’t want to lay on the bed and after a couple of ounces of milk, he just played with his bottle teat. I gave him his soother and a few minutes, he was asleep. I think it was brought about by sleepiness or his gums might have stopped bothering him. I guess he really is now teething. Well, hello again sleepless nights.

Anyway, here we are at day 7 of the challenge. I just saw the topic for today an hour ago and I tried to think of the earliest one I can remember. Suffice it to say that for the first five years of my life, I have forgotten a lot of things – probably by choice, trauma or I just don’t remember. Don’t get me wrong. I was never abused as a child or anything like that when I say trauma. Let’s just say that I had quite a lot of traumatic experiences given that we used to live in a mining community. Not that I really understand what was going on most of the time.

For those first five years, I have quite a jumbled set of memories for whatever has been retained in my brain. I do remember a lot of my accidents as a kid, though. I was accident-prone during those days. LOL! So let me just list down some of the things that I can remember clearly from my early years though I cannot identify which one of these is the earliest one:

  • When I was younger, we used to have a portrait of Jesus Christ in the house. The one that had eyes that seemed to follow you wherever you go. That was creepy. Seriously!
  • We used to live in a company house since my Dad was a supervisor before. And there was a company phone installed – those green heavy looking rotary phones. We were told not to touch it but whenever my Mom was in the kitchen at the back of the house, we would lift the handset and listen if there are conversations being picked up. Most of the time, we hear people talking over the lines. Not that we understand what was being discussed. 😀
  • Like I said, I was an accident-prone kid during my early years. Here are a few of my accidents:
    • I fell down the stairs at the back of the house. I refused to have my afternoon nap. My Mom and brother was sleeping that time and I decided I wanted to clean. I took the stick broom and the custom-made dustpan (made of GI sheet and the heavy metal pipe for handle) which was heavy and started sweeping the stairs. The stairs was made of concrete with not so smooth edges, by the way. There I was, trying to be productive by cleaning, when a piece of tissue was stuck at the edge of the dustpan. I tried to sweep it off but for some reason, I couldn’t take it off. So I dropped the broom, bent down to remove it from the dustpan when I didn’t realize that I was already at the edge of the top of the stairs. My foot slipped and I was not able to hold on to the railing. I slid down the steps head first and I remember seeing the dustpan sliding down the steps beside me. I laid down upside down for a few minutes before I held the back of my head because it was painful. When I lifted my hand to my face, I saw red. I mean, literally. My hand was so red with blood from the back of my head that it scared the hell out of me. I remembered screaming that time then saw my Mom running down the stairs. I think I passed out after that. Next thing I knew, my head was bandaged and I was lying on my parent’s bed. I can still feel the small scar at the back of my head to this day. 😀
    • Another accident I remember was getting bumped into the heavy metal gate that we had. There were kids outside our gate who wanted to get a trash (I think) near the flower box leading to the front door of the house. I didn’t know what they were pointing at, really, so I tried to open the gate and little did I know, they pushed the gate from the outside quite hard. i was hit on the forehead and, here is the hazy part, I only remember waking up on the sofa with a bandaged head again. I think I screamed when I got hit then my Mom came out of the house and saw my bloody face only to find out that the wound was small (but since it was a head wound, well, heads bleed a lot more than any body part). I still have that small scar on my forehead though it is barely noticeable.
    • Here’s another bloody accident of mine. LOL! This will be the last one that I will share. I think I was about 4 years old that time. There was a guava tree at the back of the house. The fruits were small and round, not the big ones the size of ping pong balls. It was smaller than that. There were a few guavas on the table and I decided I wanted to eat one. But since there was no adult around, I took the knife and tried to peel the guava, imitating the way I see the adults did it. I was doing great at first but then the knife slipped and I ended up cutting myself. Well it wasn’t a big cut since the knife was not that sharp, if I remembered correctly. It was a small cut in between my index finger and thumb. I think my Mom got mad at me that time. 😀
  • Here’s a fun memory I have. I grew up watching Bioman and Shaider. 😀 After watching the show, my brother and I along with our playmates would play in the yard trying to emulate the episode we just watched. I was Pink 5 in our own version of Bioman and I was Annie in our version of Shaider. LOL!

Those were the earliest ones that I can remember but in no particular order. There are still a lot of things that I can remember as well – the evening table tennis games, my Dad’s company basketball tournaments, company family outings and parties, the time that I went with my Aunt for a supposedly few days of vacation but I ended up crying at night, the scary fires at night on the mountain that we see from the kitchen window (that was a scary story – probably I will tell you all about it next time when I remember it). But I guess I have written quite a few already and for this challenge, I guess that will suffice. 😀

This challenge makes me wonder what my son’s earliest memory would be. It would be fun to find out when he grows older. 😀

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