Photo – Blog Challenge Day 24

Blog Challenge: Describe your most embarrassing moment

I’ve had quite a lot of embarrassing moments in my life. But I cannot remember a lot of them. I guess I could say that I refuse to remember them.

All I know is that a lot of those embarrassing moments were drunken moments, too. Either I have a hazy memory of those events or I had a black out when those happened that until now, I cannot really remember. And that’s fine with me.

So, I guess that’s already a hint. The most embarrassing moments in my life were when I was drunk. Well, not just drunk. Over the top wasted. I don’t even remember how I got home alive during those moments. Haha!

To be honest, I’d rather not go into the details of one of those times. Because until now, I keep asking myself, “what the hell was I thinking when I did that?” LOL!

I could only shake my head and wince every time I think of it. *Sigh* That happened about 8 years ago I think. Or probably longer. Somewhere along those times.

What happened then? Let’s just say that I’ve had no rest after a 6-hour commute coming from an 8-hour work shift, full day activities then had too much to drink on a not so empty stomach. So, yeah. Imagine the night activities going all around me, bands playing in each of the bars I’ve gone to (well, they’re just beside each other), too much company on each of the bars with too much alcohol going around. Bottomline: it was too much. 😛

So, I’d rather not remember the details too much because as I write this, I am already shaking my head.

 Photo Challenge: Sleeping

I take a lot of photos of little Z when he is asleep. I guess it’s one of those things that I just do when I couldn’t sleep myself or when I’m waiting for him to wake up so we can play. 😛

smiling in his sleep
smiling in his sleep

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