Wednesday What-nots: 2 Years; Then and Now, etc.

It’s already Wednesday in this side of the world – 2AM. I left work on time because I felt that I was no longer being productive. I was just starting at my screen most of the time – probably trying to get my laptop to do the work for me, haha, I don’t really know. I was out of focus for some reason.

Now I am at home and was not really planning to blog but for some reason, the open Chrome tab for WordPress was beckoning. So, here I am, trying to squeeze my brains out for something to post. So please pardon the ramblings on this post as I just need to get things sorted out in my head so I can get some decent sleep. 😀


A week ago, I got a notification from WordPress greeting me Happy Anniversary. Then I got an email stating that I have been using WordPress for two years now. Wow! And I never even noticed. The first blog I created in WordPress became a dump of some of my earlier writings. I have excluded most of my rants (however, I miss reading my blog posts in Multiply) and transferred the short stories (of sorts), the poems and the likes. You can check it out here.

Prior to this blog, I never really put out my blogs in public. A few friends had access to it, though, but that was it. I never really cared for traffic and views and blog stats and all the hullabaloos that come with making a career out of blogging. This is the first blog that I have really put out there. I guess the reason for that was to share my journey as a mom so that maybe, just maybe, someone out there could read it and probably relate to it and take comfort in the knowledge that they are not alone. That there are moms out there too who are somewhat like them.

So, there… well, Happy 2nd anniversary to me! Whoopee! May I never run out of things to blog about. LOL!

Maybe I should think about renovating this blog. Hmmm… *wink*


Last week as well, I was browsing another blog I created to document my unexpected journey into pregnancy. Last week last year, I was 27 weeks pregnant. As my friend, RB, suggested, I should take a weekly photo of my pregnant self to see how the baby is growing. So I did. And here is my 27 weeks pregnant self:

2013-06-16 04.37.28 _ 27 weeks
my 27 weeks pregnant self

And here is how he looked like at 27 weeks in utero:

3D image of my 27week old baby
3D image of my 27week old baby

A year later, this is how that little bun grew:

a year after...
a year after…

And the little boy cannot even keep still for a few short seconds for me to take that photo. LOL! Time really flies so fast, isn’t it? Sometimes I really wonder how I could have had such a small tummy and produce such a big baby. 😀

In a few days’ time, my baby  is turning 10 months old. How time really flies. 3 more days before work week ends. 3 more days before I get to see my baby love again. 3 more days to plan out what to do on Sunday to celebrate his 10th month. I have already asked my youngest bro to cook spaghetti (since I really love how he makes his sauce), there will be the customary cake and I am still thinking of what to add to the menu.

And I just realized, the next two months will, for sure, move too quickly. My son is almost a year old now. 😀


Speaking of birthdays, it is my cousin’s birthday today. A big shout out to Aiya. Happy 20th birthday, young lady! Enjoy your party there at home. 🙂

Since I mentioned that my son is turning 1 in about two months, I need to finalize his birthday party. I am not going to divulge the plan as of yet but eventually I’ll blog about it. Another cousin of mine is an events planner at home so I will have to talk to her in the next few weeks to plan things out.

I want to make the little boy’s birthday real special. He may not remember it but at least when, one day, he will look at the photos, he will know that he was loved by the people who mattered in our lives.

And since I am at the topic of discussing birthdays, mine is also coming up. Waaaaaaaah!!!!! Another year older but I guess not as wiser as I would have think I should have gotten. 😛 I am thinking of probably coming up with my own giveaway or something. Hmmm… I’ll have to figure out first how to go about doing that and what the giveaway will be. 😀


And with that, let me end this post here before I think of another topic and start rambling about it again. Let’s save some of those for some other time, shall we? LOL!


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