I Will Be Back Shortly…

Look at that! We are already at the end of April and here I am, not blogging much for the past few months.

The year started a little bit crazier than I expected. I actually haven’t anticipated the turn of events that happened this year. But such is life, you know. It is filled with twists and turns and we never really see them coming.

My blog calendar (yes, I started creating one at the beginning of this year) is so full of pending blog posts but I haven’t gotten around to trimming the list down yet. I still have plans of posting some of them (some of the ones in the list need to be replaced since it is no longer applicable, I think). So I hope you stick around and watch out for a trickle of posts here and there.

I do post on my Facebook page and Instagram account so you can check them all out as well.

For now, I have housework to do, plans to make, and schedules to fix. LOL! Such is the life of a single working mom, I guess. I should be able to get these done shortly. Once done, I will definitely tell stories of the road bumps that I have at the beginning of the year.

Okay, going back to cleaning up before bedtime. I just remembered, I still have to work tomo- err, later today.


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