When Mommy Gets Sick

when mommy gets sick

Whenever our kids get sick, we always wish to take the sickness from them so they won’t suffer. Am I right? However, when we get sick, it becomes depressing because we can’t do anything. I mean, we, moms, also need to rest. And sometimes, getting sick is our body letting us know that we need to rest, too. But what if we get sick with our kids at the same time?

Last Friday, I took a leave from work because my lower back was killing me. It was really painful. It was painful to sit, it pains me to get up to stand, it’s hard lying down. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get much rest as the little boy had fever as well. He was fine one moment then burning with fever the next. I hadn’t had any decent sleep as I had to monitor the little boy’s temperature round the clock and give him medicine as well.

Of all days, too, the nanny took her days off over the weekend so it was just I who had to look after the little boy. I had to try and forget my painful back for a while so I could tend to the little boy’s needs.

We visited the pedia on Sunday to have the little boy checked. Fortunately, everything was fine with his physical exam. We left with a prescription and instruction to take meds only when necessary and to observe the little boy’s temperature for the next two days.

After the little boy slept on Sunday night, my back pains came back in full force. It was much more painful than what I’ve felt last Friday, it was ridiculous. I wanted to cry in pain. I had a hard time walking, each step was heavy and sends pain to my butt area. Lifting even as light as a plate was not easy, too. Sitting down was painful. Even lying down was downright painful.

I kept tossing and turning that night, trying to find the most comfortable position. There was none.

Thankfully, Z’s nanny came home early Monday morning so someone could take care of the little boy. I woke up Monday morning with fever and I was having chills. My whole body felt like gelatin. I couldn’t stand even for a few minutes and I get dizzy sitting down.

I was able to get some sleep for a couple of hours before I was able to get up and eat a little.

The diagnosis was lumbar muscle spasms when I visited the doctor on Monday afternoon. The doctor ordered for an x-ray to be done and I was told to avoid heavy lifting too. Follow up consultation will be on Wednesday. For now, I am on pain medication. So far, fever has gone down and no more chills, too. My back still hurts but it is now tolerable.

As of today, Z no longer has fever but he is starting to cough. So I still have to bring him to the pedia, too.

While it is hard to see our kids getting sick, I think it is harder for us parents to be sick. Sickness makes us immobile on most days and all we can do is take rest. But when there’s no one else, unfortunately, we do what we do best – tend to our kid’s needs first and foremost. Our needs will come later. That’s just how we are as moms, right?

I have never been this sick for more than five years now. I guess I’ve been driving myself too hard my body is now forcing me to slow down a bit. LOL! For now, I guess I’ll just enjoy my remaining rest day as per doctor’s orders. And make sure that the little boy is back on his tip top shape.

Anyway, off to bed for this momma. I have a few more stories to tell but it will come on another day. LOL!


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