Amazed With My X-Ray Results

So I went back to the doctor today. But before the consultation, I dropped by Radiology to get my X-ray results as it was the point of the follow up check up anyway.

I handed my claim stub and was told to sit and wait. After a couple of minutes, I was handed a small brown envelope with the printed report from Radiology and a CD.

Yep, I got a CD instead of the large film in a large brown envelope that was really hard to store. I was in awe. LOL!

It’s been a while since I claimed X-ray results for me or the little boy’s. I think the last one was back in 2013, during one of Z’s many hospital confinements. Little did I know that that was the end of the x-ray results as I knew it. LOL!

Anyway, my x-ray results show no broken bones or fractures on my lumbar area (a.k.a my butt area) so that was a big relief. So off to the rehabiliation doctor I go to help with pain management.

But now, as I write this, I’ve already been sitting here for the past 30 minutes or so. And my butt really hurts now. I don’t want to stand because someone’s going to take my seat, that’s for sure.

I’m sixth in line and the doctor’s still with the second patient, I think. I’m starting to get hungry, too. I just want to go home now and just come back tomorrow probably.

Okay, I just wanted to share about the CD thing. Seriously, I was amazed. At least medical clinics are now getting updated and taking advantage of what technology can offer. Naks!

I’m off to more waiting then.

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