Mission Accomplished at the Alaska Ultimate Mission Camp

We were fortunate to have been invited to this year’s Alaska Ultimate Mission Camp. It was the first time that I have heard of this event and I was excited to bring the little boy to have fun and to experience this. Following the successful launch of the partnership between Alaska Milk and Disney last April, comes a new adventure and exciting missions for kids and the whole family:


The Alaska Ultimate Mission Camp is a one-day activity where kids, 4-10 years old, get to accomplish their own Disney Marvel and Frozen Missions. The missions will not only engage the children’s interest, but more importantly, incorporates educational activities that foster camaraderie among other kid participants.

alaska ultimate mission camp
Are you ready? ­čÖé

There were several mission zones that were fun and exciting, at the same time, kid-friendly and challenges that tested their speed, creativity, strength and agility.

alaska ultimate mission camp
The little boy’s activity card

Since the little boy is still below the age of the major missions, there were activities that were also lined up for his age group:

alaska ultimate mission camp
First activity: the coloring corner
alaska ultimate mission camp
Second Activity: Mask Cut-outs
alaska ultimate mission camp
Third Activity: Bricks and Blocks
alaska ultimate mission camp
Fourth Activity: Alaska Tower Stacking
alaska ultimate mission camp
Fifth Activity: Memory Game
alaska ultimate mission camp
Sixth Activity: Face Painting

Unfortunately, the little boy didn’t want to have his face nor his arms or legs painted. However, they still stamped the little boy’s activity card, marking it completed. ­čśÇ

For the older kids, for each mission zone, there was a height requirement for safety purposes:

alaska ultimate mission camp

They also had a briefing session before starting their missions:

alaska ultimate mission camp
Briefing session ongoing with agent

I was not able to get photos of the mission zones but for the Marvel zone, it has a “sticky wall” where kids can climb just like Spiderman. They also had a rollerblading challenge.┬áThe Frozen zone, on the other hand, had the ice-skating challenge. For the Alaska┬ázone, the kids and parents alike got to watch a 360 Marvel and Frozen interactive presentation. We were not able to get into the dome but the little boy tried the ball pit outside it:

alaska ultimate mission camp
Little boy got a bit weird inside the ball pit ­čśÇ

Meanwhile, the parents and guardians – and even other kids not wanting to continue the missions – got to enjoy a few other activities within the area as well. There was a cooking demonstration done by Chef Kaiser Padilla where he showed everyone how to make Malunggay┬á(Moringa) Pancakes, a yummy and healthy breakfast that both kids and adults will surely enjoy.

alaska ultimate mission camp
Chef Kaiser Padilla

He also taught kids how to decorate a cupcake using Alaska Crema:

alaska ultimate mission camp

There was also a story-telling session that kids enjoyed:

alaska ultimate mission camp
Story telling session

A cute coffee shop set-up by Krem-Top was at one corner where adults could enjoy either a Matcha cooler or coffee with Krem-Top:

alaska ultimate mission camp

Other parents were also able to shop for Disney Marvel or Frozen items from the sponsors zone:

alaska ultimate mission camp

There were so many activities that kids and adults alike got to enjoy which made the Alaska Ultimate Mission Camp truly the ultimate event for the whole family.

At the end of the missions, kids were given badges for completing the missions and a loot bag with lots of goodies from Alaska and Disney:

alaska ultimate mission camp
Little boy’s loot!

It was a indeed a fun-filled afternoon and I was so glad that even the little boy enjoyed doing his missions. Looking forward to next year’s mission camp! The little boy needs to train more to prepare for the bigger mission zones. ­čÖé

Thank you, Alaska, for coming up with a day full of activities that the whole family can enjoy!


Here’s more information about Alaska Milk Corporation and Disney:

Alaska Milk Corporation and Disney Partnership

Alaska Milk Corporation’s mission to nourish and develop kids’ mind and body by encouraging healthy milk drinking habits, is made more fun by the by the partnership with Disney and its power to create happy and magical moments for kids and families.

The partnership started in April 2016 with the launch of the “Who will you be today?” campaign. It introduced the Alaska Ready To Drink milk for kids in Disney Frozen and Marvel Superheroes packaging designs for Alaska Choco, Alaska Sweet Milk, and Alaska Yoghurt Drinks.

Alaska has always been an advocate of healthy child development, as seen it its strong efforts to promote and ensure that every child gets proper nutrition. It makes sure that every pack of Alaska such as the Choco and Sweet Milk contains essential vitamins and nutrients that┬ásupport kids’ active lifestyle. While the Alaska Yoghurt Drink promotes proper digestion as it contains naturally fermented good bacteria.

Now, these Alaska Ready To Drink Milk for kids come in Disney Frozen and Marvel packaging designs, with cut-out options to also encourage play among kids, on top of drinking healthy milk drinks.

Alaska Ready To Drink Milk for Kids in new Disney and Marvel is available in all leading grocery stores and supermarkets nationwide. Alaska Ready To Drink Milk has 4 flavors: Alaska Choco, Alaska Sweet Milk, Alaska Yoghurt Drinks.

About Alaska Milk Corporation:

For more details, visit www.alaskamilk.com and like Alaska Milk on Facebook.

About The Walt Disney Company in Southeast Asia (NYSE: DIS):

The Walt Disney Company has been active in Southeast Asia since 1995 when Disney Channel first launched in Malaysia and has grown to five offices in the region (Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam) with the headquarters in Singapore, employing over 300 permanent staff. Disney is one of the most active and largest global entertainment companies in the region with diversified businesses in film, consumer products, publishing, mobile content, television and family entertainment overseeing content from six key brands: Disney, Pixar, Marvel, ESPN, ABC and Lucasfilm. 

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