Getting to Know Shapecloud

Last Saturday, at the Blogapalooza event, I got the opportunity to know a very interesting business that I never knew existed in our country.

Meet Shapecloud: the first 3D online printing service platform in the Philippines.


Shapecloud is the first online 3D printing service platform in the Philippines that opens up a user friendly avenue for students, hobbyists, designers, and young professionals to explore and create.

3D printing makes it possible to turn 3D models into solid objects. Custom fit based on the 3D computer aided design (CAD), it serves as an on-demand avenue towards manufacturing for everyone.

With 3D printing, the possibilities are endless — with Shapecloud, you can print any of the following:

• Architectural models                                                                  • Phone cases
• Prototypes                                                                                     • Keychains
• Brand and company logos                                                         • Board game pieces 
• Toy figures                                                                                    • and more!

Available Services

Shapecloud’s main service is to provide 3D printing services for its customers, by creating custom objects for personal projects, business prototypes, finished products, special gifts, and many more! We offer a number of different combinations for color, and finishing to fit our customers’ preferences! Learn more about our other services as well, like 3D scanning, 3D modeling, and post-3D print manufacturing.

Aside from 3D printing, we also offer the following services:

• Multicoat Painting (single color)
• Full Color Painting
• Metal Finishing (Bronze)
• 3D Scanning
• 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD)

I was able to meet Erick Chua, the founder of Shapecloud, and he has given me a few information about how the 3D printer works. This is how the 3D printer looks like:


Instead of ink, the printer spews out hot, melted plastic and layers it according to the design submitted. The time it takes for one item to be completed would depend on the complexity and the size of the design. A small keychain-size 3D design could take about an hour and half to complete. Larger designs would definitely take longer. Unfortunately, I was not able to see a demo of how the printer actually works (I think that would be really cool) because of venue restrictions regarding electricity consumption. I forgot to ask how much wattage the printer consumes per printing but given the fact that we were not able to see a demo, I am guessing, it consumes a lot. (Is that even the right term? LOL!).

Anyway, here are a few samples of the 3D printouts that they have done:





Cool, eh?

So, thinking how Shapecloud works? First you need to create your account. This is easy, I promise. I just created mine in 5 minutes or less.

Go to and this will be the page you that will greet you:


Clink on the Upload button or the Register link at the top right part of the screen. This will lead you to the account creation page where it will ask you for a few information:


Once done, check your email. You should receive an email for you to confirm your account. Click on the link provided which will lead you to the login page:


Once logged in, this is the page that you will see:


Now, the fun part. What do you do next? Here it is:

1. Upload
First, design and upload your 3D model on our website, or select a design using marketplaces and apps! Check out our design guide for tips! You can also opt to hire us to make a 3D design for you!

2. Print
After uploading, check for feedback and a quotation for your design! See our services tab for more information on what we do!

3. Deliver
Lastly, after finalizing the details and the payment of your order, get excited for the delivery or pick-up of your 3D print!

Prices vary depending on the size and complexity of the design. Contact Shapecloud at for your inquiries.




Note: Sample photos of 3D prints are provided by Shapecloud


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