Product Review: Attipas: Baby Walking Science

Looking for shoes to help my son properly walk was not easy for me. I had no idea what I need to look for. Though I was advised by family and peers that it is still best for my little boy to learn to walk barefoot, I was worried about the cold tile floor in the house. And since I don’t really want my little boy to be learning to walk barefoot or just wearing socks outside the house, I knew that I needed to get him a good footwear.

When I learned about Attipas, I was piqued. Based on the features, I figured it was what I needed to get for my little Z. I was excited for my little Z to try this out immediately when I received it in the mail last month:

It is a combination of shoes and socks. The sole isย soft and flexible and is made of non-toxic material. The top part is just like any cotton-knit socks. This shoes fits my son’s feet perfectly – not too snug, not too loose. It is just right. ๐Ÿ™‚ 4 This is the science behind the shoes:


Here’s what I like about this shoes compared to the other toddler shoes based on the 5 points above:

1) Convenience: The non-slip sole makes it easier to retain the balance while trying to walk as the sole has a firm grip on any surface. I tried letting my son walk in it on a rubber mat, tiled floors, and even on the seat of the bus and not once did I see him lose balance because the sole slips on the surface. I haven’t tried washing it yet, though.

2) Breathability: My little boy’s feet sweats a lot especially when he has shoes on for a few hours or even when he wears socks at night. As a result, his feet starts to smell a little bit awful. I find it really great that this shoes has a sock-like top and the soleย has holes to make it easier for the air to circulate, thus preventing sweaty and smelly feet after long usage.

3) Big Toe Box: At first, I find the design funny until I realized that the big toe boxย give more room for my son’s toes to move freely. (My son has, well, fat feet. LOL!) feet 4) Safety: My son loves to put anything in his mouth. He even loves licking any surface. Given that the materials used for this shoe are non-toxic, it makes me worry less if I find him eating his shoes again. ๐Ÿ˜›

5) Lightweight and Flexibility:ย Have you tried looking for toddler shoes that is lightweight? Apart from crib shoes, all the rest that I found are quite heavy because of the thick hard soles. The soles are hard which makes it difficult for a tot or a toddler to really manage how to walk. What I like about the Attipas shoes is that it is indeed very light in weight so my son doesn’t have to make extra effort when he walks. It will just seem like he is walking barefoot. And the materials used are really flexible so whenever he makes a step, the sole follows the arch of his foot. 6 For more details about Attipas, you can visit the following:

Or you can also check out their retails partners:



*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Attipas. All opinions are solely my own.ย 

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  1. I haven’t gotten my Attipas shoes yet. ๐Ÿ™ Reading your review makes me all the more excited to let my son try them. Wonder where our shoes are….

  2. I have just heard about Attipas recently and saw it in Babyland a couple of weeks ago.

    Thank you for sharing about the science of shoes. I’ll keep that in mind whenever I buy footwear for my little one.

    Your son’s chubby feet are cute! ๐Ÿ™‚

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