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Last Saturday afternoon, we checked out the even happening in Glorietta. I saw the poster of Chicdriven Women Empowerment Expo in Facebook and was interested with the seminars they have scheduled. I was particularly interested in the Financial Wellness discussion as well as the Be Your Own Boss sessions, however, these were scheduled for Sunday and I was not available by then. (See previous post for the reason).

Anyway, the registration was free and prior to entering the event area. Once attendees have registered, they are provided with a “passport” that needs to be signed by all the booths. Once every booth has signed, we can proceed to the exit where they gave from freebies. Apart from that, they took the corner of the passport issued for the raffle that will happen on day 2.

My passport. Completely signed!
My passport. Completely signed!

We were just in time for the seminar on Active You. It was a set of discussions regarding staying active and healthy. The passport only required one seminar but we stayed and listened to 2 speakers. 🙂 They both shared their life story on how they got started being and staying active.

Top: Ms. Ruby Gan (Powerlifting champion and businesswoman) Bottom: Hilary Isaac (TV host and bikini athlete)
Top: Ms. Ruby Gan (Powerlifting champion and businesswoman)
Bottom: Hilary Isaac (TV host and bikini athlete)

After the two speakers, there was a mini raffle held and surprisingly, my name was called. 🙂 I won these from The Parenting Emporium:

I won a raffle :)
I won a raffle 🙂

After the talks, we roamed around the area, visiting each booth, checking out what they have. Some sponsors just signed the passport, others gave a free item and a few of them had an activity prepared before they sign and give a freebie. Here are a few of them:

Priva’s activity was to simulate walking for 4 poses so they can play a short gif clip with Toni Gonzaga (endorser of Priva) walking on the red carpet. Here’s the photo they printed out for me. 😛 It was actually funny doing this activity because the simulation was exaggerated. Who walks with their arms swinging right in front you? LOL!


Shell was one of the sponsors who prepared a couple of activities before they sign the passport. First, you have to have your photo taken wearing some of their costumes. Then you have to play a short game in the laptop provided. Their photo printing took a while since they had a lot of backlogs due to slow printer so we had to return to the booth after we had our snack. Here’s my photo with Z, wearing a scarf and a hat. 🙂


Foilacar wanted to have a photo taken with their display car, post in Facebook and tag them. I was able to post the photo in FB, unfortunately, I was not able to tag them (technical issues, it seems). They  still signed my passport in the end. 🙂


Mazda was another sponsor but they didn’t have any activities prepared. Just show them your passport and they will sign it. But then, who can resist not having a photo taken with the car, right? 🙂

Smile! 🙂

Here’s my loot from the event:

Loot! 🙂

It was indeed a fun afternoon. Z charmed some of the people there, too. Yeah, I’ve got a little charmer. LOL! I just love free events, don’t you? 🙂

Visit their website for more information about Chicdriven at:


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    1. This is the first one that I attended. I would have liked to attend their day 2 session, too bad I had prior commitment. I love the concept that they have 🙂

  1. I saw this event also in facebook and it looks like interesting and very helpful, but the problem is wala pa akong time mag attend ng mga events parang nahihirapan pa ako dahil sa toddler ko.

    1. Thank you, Mommy. 🙂 During weekends lang kasi spare time to attend events e so I try to maximize it, and mukhang mana sakin my little boy, taong gala. 🙂

  2. Awww too bad, wasn’t able to attend this fun event. I would love to pa naman since it is about Women Empowerment. Thanks for sharing!

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