All My Bags Are Packed…


One month has gone by so fast. It seems like it was just like a few days ago when I went home to the mountain city to pick up my little Z and bring him to the big metro to stay with me for a month. Tomorrow, well, in a few hours’ time, we will be travelling back home to the mountain city. I will be coming back alone again. I have finished packing all his things (clothes, toys and supplies) and seeing his cabinet drawer empty saddens me.

I know I should be sleeping now as we have an early start tomorrow, err, later, but I just couldn’t close my eyes. I have been watching him sleep for the past few hours now and realized how grown my little boy has become. He is no longer a baby, rather, he is a very active toddler who is in the exploratory stage. These past four weeks, I have seen him become more confident in standing on his own, walking on his own and now, even if he is not as well balanced as he should be, he is now starting to run and even jump on his own. I am so proud of this little boy.

I have enjoyed spending as much time as I can with Z for the last four weeks. And even if you say that I will be seeing him in a week and a half’s time, I will still miss the morning smiles and the way he wrestles me as soon as we wakes up so he can get off the bed. I will miss the moments when he would attempt to run after me when I leave the house for work or those moments when he just wants to sit on my lap while watching his regular TV shows. For the next week and a half, my crib will be lonely again. There will be no toys scattered all over the place, no little boy sleeping on my bed when I get home from work, no morning play time with the cutest little boy I have ever seen.

Okay, I just wanted to get that off my chest. *sigh*

I do hope that there will be no heavy traffic on the way home tomorrow so we can catch my cousin’s baby shower. And tomorrow evening, we will be watching my brother’s Christmas choir concert at the church. So many activities tomorrow as soon as we arrive home. 😀

I do pray for safe travels tomorrow, errr, later. And hopefully, there will be not much surge with the private car services as well.

Ending this now before I rant more. 😛 I’ll try to catch a few hours’ sleep since I need to wake up as soon as the sun rises. Har har!

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