Prepping for the New Residence… Pt. 2

I have been quite busy with the preparation for my move to my new residence. I just signed the contract with the unit owner’s representative last Friday (the unit owner is overseas so he assigned his brother as a representative). The down payment (1 month advance, 2 months deposit) plus the 11 post-dated checks’ total almost stopped my heart. Geez! It can already be a down payment for my own condominium unit! I know, I know. I should have just gotten my own. But it is not that easy. I really don’t have the funds (and I mean cold cash) for an outright down payment for a ready-for-occupancy condominium unit. So there. I will be spending my hard earned cash to pay rent for another year or so. More on the moving forward plans soon.

Since the other week, I have been going through my stuff – sorting, cleaning, washing – while I pack them according to categories. Well, I tried my best to categorize them by the area they belong to. Anyway, I found a lot of stuff that are from almost 10 years ago! Haha! Talk about being a hoarder. I was not able to take a photo of some of those stuff that I found except for one:


This is a blast from the past. LOL! And there’s a story behind this as well. When my friends and I moved in to my third residence in the big metro years ago, we decided to buy an autograph book (an impulse buy) and let all the visitors sign. We’ve added a question at the end as well (and it is not something that I am going to divulge here 😀 ). This carried on until the next apartment we lived in before we went on our separate ways, so to speak. I actually forgot all about this until I started sorting through all my things. 😀 I don’t have the heart to throw it away but this is not something that should be displayed in plain view for anyone to see and read. LOL!

Going through all my things is a tedious task to do, I tell ya. When I moved in to this apartment almost 6 years ago, all my things fit in one jeepney. There was even space for about 3-4 persons at the back. That was how little I had during those times. Now, as I look around all my boxed things, I am still wondering how I accumulated all these things. And to think that I have already thrown out about 6 large bags of garbage plus about 4 small ones the week before last. 😛

My tiny crib now looks like a storm has just passed. Let me just show you a few photos of how the packing went for the last two weeks.

April 16 - packing the clothes seem like the best thing to do first...
April 16 – packing the clothes seem like the best thing to do first…
April 18... not much done...
April 18… not much done…
April 19... chaos started...
April 19… chaos started…
Aprill 26 - Saturday afternoon's work
Aprill 26 – Saturday afternoon’s work
April 26 - working into the night...
April 26 – working into the night…
April 27
April 27

So, I only have my bed to disassemble and pack. I think I will do that the night before I move out. And just a few things that I need to stash into the open bags.

Earlier today, I went to my current building administrator’s office to secure a gate pass for my move out date. I have also asked for a computation of my running bill until I move out. Good thing is they can deduct the bill from my deposit. At least I don’t have to pay for that. I will just have to wait for the reimbursement. I am crossing my fingers that I will still get something out from it.

After I got my gate pass, I went to the new building’s administration office to fill out the paper works. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the required documents to submit so they can schedule me for their house rules and regulations orientation (yes, they have an orientation session for that, apparently). Since May 1 is a holiday, they will be closed and I need to submit those requirements tomorrow the latest so I can be oriented and therefore move in on May 1. Thank God for technology, I got the photos of the IDs needed via Facebook and email and the contract will be sent via email as well. Else, I need to find a place to stash my things before I can move in. The administrator was kind enough to tell me that as soon as I can submit the required documents, they can already orient me. I now have the copies of the IDs needed and I am just waiting for the scanned copy of the signed contract.

I was also able to contact a trucking service for my move. Yes, I am renting a truck because all my stuff will not fit in a jeepney anymore. Though they are already booked for the schedule that I wanted, they gave me 2 options: 7AM-10AM or 2PM onwards. I wanted a 10AM schedule since that will not be too early or too late. But since they are already booked for that time, I might have to go with the 7AM schedule because I would like to have majority of my things fixed and in place in the new apartment before the end of the day. Yeah, I think I will have to go for the 7AM then. Well, good luck with that.

Am I excited to move? Yes, I am. As much as I am saddened to suddenly leave this tiny, cozy apartment I have called home for the past 5+ years, I am excited to move to a new place. Although I am hoping that the new place will be the last rental I will have. And besides, I just want to chill and relax once I get home from work. Not stare at all my things and think of ways how to box them up. 😀

So, in the next few days, I will be busy with the move. I’ll keep you guys posted. Once I find the time. 🙂




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