12 Days of Gratitude – Day 5

I have been cleaning my tiny apartment since I got home last night and continued when I woke up around noon today. I only went out to buy food and to buy a few things as well. And now I am finally done with the clean up. Whoopee!!

My kitchen cabinets have been sorted out; closet sorted removed clothes no longer being used; my laundry hamper is now empty and I am just waiting for the rest of the laundry to dry so I can fold and keep them; shelves have been dusted, cleaned and stuff arranged; floor has been swept and mopped; bathroom cleaned as well. For this whole week, I think I have thrown out almost 3 sacks full of garbage plus things that are no longer being used. The only thing left that I haven’t gone through yet are my storage boxes. Since sorting those out will take another whole day, I am leaving them as is for now.

For such a tiny apartment, I seem to have accumulated a lot of stuff for the past few years. Looking at my space earlier, I think I still need to take out a few more things out. Oh well, I’ll think about that later on.

So for day 5, this is what I am grateful for:

No matter how cluttered my space gets and no matter how painful my body gets after cleaning such a tiny space, I am still thankful that I got my own place to live. I am also thankful that my area is safe and secured and relatively quiet. It is a rented space for now, but eventually, it will be a house that I will own. 🙂


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