#RandomThoughts – Uhm…

At this time, I should have already been in the bus going home to my little boy. However, I had postponed it for another day because I was supposed to attend the Blogapalooza event tomorrow. However, due to the monsoon rain that hit the metro almost the whole day which caused flooding in several areas, the event will be rescheduled.

I have been contemplating of going to the bus terminal now to chance a trip going home but with the recent event that a colleague of mine encountered with a taxi cab, I am deciding against the idea. I had been taking the cab any time of the day previously without any thought of the dangers that can be encountered especially when travelling during the wee hours of the day but now, I am getting paranoid and I need to take serious precautions. Add to that the fact that roads are not quite as safe now since some areas were flooded earlier in the day. I think most of the flooded areas that I will pass by have already been cleared but I just want to stay on the safe side.

So now I am here alone trying to think of things to do. I know I need to clean my apartment and do the laundry again but for some reason, I don’t feel like doing any of those things right now and it doesn’t matter if my hamper is already overflowing with clothes or that my table tops need clearing up, I just don’t feel like doing things.

I have been feeling quite blue – if you may – for the past few days and it is just now that I am trying to acknowledge it. I guess this has been brought about by tiredness. Yes, I am tired, literally. Parts of my body hurt (yes, I am badly in need of a massage), I think I still lack sleep (and I want to have one day to just sleep the whole day), and I have been feeling restless for the past few weeks now. I think fatigue is now catching up with me given all the things that I do – long work hours, few hours sleep, out-of-regular-schedule eating habits, too much thinking, long commute over the weekend, squeezing in household chores (cleaning and laundry, mostly) and too much thinking.

I have been thinking of a road trip for the past few weeks now. Just go anywhere to free my mind. I need to find time to get away even for just a day to de-clutter my mind and just breathe. I think I forget to breathe sometimes, well, figuratively speaking, that is. I would really love a day off from life, if you may. To breathe, to clear my head, to put things into the right perspective and to let my body rest for the day.

I guess it is just about time to find one day to just spend for myself.


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