Blog Challenge – Day 20: Something You are Trying to Figure Out

It’s been a lazy day today. We spent the day indoors. In other words, we didn’t go out. 😀 We’ve been out 4 days last week and I have been feeling exhausted that I decided that we stay indoors for a change. Besides, I needed the rest.

For this challenge, I do have a lot of things that I have been trying to figure out. I’ve been trying to figure out how Sofia the first became a princess, for one, LOL! I’ve also been trying to figure out how the Dragonball story really ended. Hahahaha! I guess we’ve all been wondering about that.  Unless there’s a real fanatic out there reading this post who knows, please do share. 🙂

Kidding aside, if there’s one thing that I am trying to figure out right now, it is how to get back to being financially independent. I’ve been there before but with all of little Z’s unforeseen medical expenses, my reserve has already been depleted and somehow, I am still in the red. Big, bright, blinking red (just to emphasize). As of now, I only have my salary as my source of funds but, come on, let’s face it, it’s not nearly enough. Doctors are expensive, you know. And multiple doctors will again, get a big chunk of my budget (along with all the required and necessary lab works, therapy sessions and other what-nots). Apart from that, my son is growing up so fast. He’s going to need a whole lot more stuff (more toys, bigger clothes – well, basically a change of wardrobe, formula and food and other supplies).

One good decision that I have done for little Z so far is to set up is own investment fund. I have started small but I need to add up to that in the next few months, too, for it to really grow. Eventually, I might use that once he starts school. I have my own investment funds as well (which I really need to update – I need to contact my agent real soon) but that will take time before it really matures. So I am saving that up for our future.

But other than that, how do you get rich? It is not enough to have a bank savings (we all know how low the interest rate provided by banks), it’s not enough to have investments that have long term maturity period (you can’t touch those funds for a few years anyway), and employment is not enough source as well. And trust me, if you tell me to become a entrepreneur, I have already heard that a whole lot of times in my life. My problem there is – what business am I going to set up? And where will I get the funds to get started? And how will I divide my time between my son, my work and a business if that happens? *Sigh* not an easy one. So, at the end of the day, here’s something that I am specifically trying to figure out: How do you get extra income without totally sacrificing the current set up? Not an easy one to answer if you ask me.

Well, if ever you find an answer to that, drop me a comment or an email. 🙂


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