Photo – Blog Challenge Day 26

Blog Challenge: What’s your favorite food?

I don’t think I have a specific favorite. I do like several dishes but of course, I wouldn’t want that to be my food every day or every single meal even.

A few “favorites” (well, I don’t have just one):

1) pinikpikan
2) grilled milkfish
3) crispy pata
4) cupcakes!!!!

So, there. Do I need to explain why? Hmmm… Nah. Go to the Northern part of Luzon to get a taste of pinikpikan. The rest, you can have them anywhere in the country. You can Google the photo of the first three if you’re not familiar with it. LOL! 😛

Photo Challenge: Yesterday

Yep, my son is getting bigger by the day… 😛

longer than the width of my couch
longer than the width of my couch

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