52-Week Money Challenge

I have heard and read about the 52-week money challenge sometime last year and I thought it was a good idea. Lately, I have seen a lot of posts about this as well and I was reminded that I am supposed to start this, too.

The concept of this challenge is that you set an original amount and multiply that amount by the week. For example, the original amount set is Php 1. For the first week, you set aside Php 1. On the second week, you double that amount so you set aside Php 2. On the third week, you set aside Php 3 and so on until you reach the 52nd week. Here is a sample template that I got from Kuripotpinay.com:



The total amount earned can be used for something that you have wanted – a new gadget, a trip somewhere, or whatever your heart desires. If you can set a higher value than the one above, that should be fine, too.

For this year, I will be starting small. I am still thinking of what to use for my savings – a jar, a coin bank, or probably I will open another account for this. I just need to make sure that I would not be able to touch the amount that I will be setting aside at any given time before the end of the challenge.

As for my goal for doing this, I need to rebuild my emergency funds for one and second, I need capital for an investment that I have been looking into for quite sometime now. I am targeting to start a new investment by next year. Third, I need to increase my little Z’s investment as well. Yes, I have started a mutual fund for my little Z last year. I started small, too, but I am looking forward to increasing the amount invested. That will be used for his education once he starts school. I have also opened a savings account for him for his own emergency funds. As they say, it is never too early to start saving and investing. πŸ™‚ Had I learned and realized this when I was younger, I should have been a rich woman by now. LOL!

Anyway, for this challenge, I think the approach can differ. You can set aside savings weekly or you can probably add up the total expected savings for a couple of weeks and come payday, set aside that amount. I think that will be how I will do it since my only income now is throughΒ bi-monthly payroll.

I will be participating in this 52-week money challenge craze. What about you? πŸ™‚

Happy saving! πŸ˜€


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  1. This 52 week money challenge was so popular last year but I did not follow this challenge because I noticed that the first few months was easy but the last quarter, the amount was so big. Since my husband’s income is once a month, I just save fixed amount every month. But I’ve just read in rappler site about the 12 month money challenge which is more ideal because savings depend on your salary.

    1. Hi Michelle! I haven’t heard of the 12 month money challenge but I sure will check that out, too.. Thanks for dropping by! πŸ™‚

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