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Hi there! Welcome to my tiny space in the blogosphere. You may have stumbled here by accident or probably something led you here, nevertheless, I am so glad that you’re here. 🙂

Before anything else, I’m Liz Aquino – a career woman, a single mom, a nocturnal person. I am also known to be a workaholic (though I think I am learning how to slow down now) and a control-freak. And because of that, this blog was born.


Zaine and I (originally named as Diaries of a Control-freak Mom) started out in late 2013 as a journal chronicling my journey as a first-time mom and a career woman. The name was coined during my son’s second hospital confinement at 3 weeks old, after realizing that despite my being a control-freak, I could not control – or even dictate, for that matter – the events that my son will go through in life.

I have I have been blogging since the early 2000s but this is the very first blog that I had the courage to publish and promote by creating its own Facebook page. You can read more about it here.

In this blog, I share a lot of my thoughts and realizations, a few mishaps here and there, my son’s developmental milestones… I basically share a little piece of every aspect of my life.  I also blog about reviews on several products that my son used and still using as well as learnings and my take-aways from events I have attended. Occasionally, you will see my Blabber Chapters wherein I post nothing and everything under the sun (or the moon for that matter). Every now and then, I also post recipes of easy dishes to cook as well as a few pastry recipes that I try to perfect. And given that I now have a 3 year old, I also share some parenting wisdom and DIYs for home activities.

So, come and hang out with me. Read up, laugh, cry… come join me in my journey to this chaotic and uncontrollable but wonderful and very fulfilling world of mommyhood!

I would definitely love to hear from you. If you have any comments, suggestions, reactions, or even just to say “hi!”, drop me an email: zaineandi@gmail.com. Or you can visit my Facebook page, too.



  1. hi been lurking in you site for a while…. i admire your strength and being hopeful and being positive despite everything… keep fighting!
    thanks for sharing

  2. Another mommy blogger! We have similarities- I’m a nocturnal mom and my son’s name is Z 🙂 Followed your blog to read more from you 🙂

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