Random Thoughts: New Year’s First Post

It’s been 6 days since the first day of the year and here I am, typing away this post just now. And just Random Thoughts at that. LOL!

As I type this, I am currently in a conference call while sitting beside my bed where my son is snoring the night away. I am not sure how long this call will go but it seems that the issue is going to affect a whole lot of operations, especially the project that we are about to go live towards the end of this month.

So, before I go further, let me greet everyone a Happy New Year! I hope this year will bring us more blessings, greater health, less stress, more fun and more time with our loved ones.

Last New Year’s Eve, my little Z had a fever. Boo hoo! I think it was caused by the sudden change of weather when we traveled from the mountain city to the big metro for a couple of days. Given that he got sick, we weren’t able to go to my cousin’s house a block away to meet the New Year. Instead, we stayed in the room where it was warm and just watched the bonfire from the bedroom window.

His fever went away after two days and his pedia allowed him to travel back to the big metro with me last Sunday as my son has a scheduled appointment with his pedia-ophtha earlier today with the condition that I schedule another appointment with his regular pedia here in the big metro for a follow up check up on his cough and cold.

What a way to meet the new year for my little boy, eh?

I reported back to work yesterday but I was still having mind battles over wanting to still be on vacation and getting some real work done (since my emails were piling up during the holidays). Talk about vacation hangover! LOL!

Anyway, I can already see that this month is going to be a very busy month for me at work. A lot of work to be done and that would mean that a lot of time will be spent at work again. But given that, I will really try not to get too stressed out.  Haha!

I cannot really understand what’s going on in this conference call and I wish I could drop off now but, well, someone will be asking me what happened tomorrow so I might just stick with it for now.

Okay, I am blabbing here now. I actually had a vague idea of what to post here but for some reason, my brain is currently divided right now – part is on the on going conference call, another part is on my son, another part is on this post and another part is thinking about food since I am hungry. LOL!

Alright, I am going to end this now. So again, Happy New Year, everyone! Good vibes, good vibes! 😀


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