Ipon Challenge 2018: Baby Steps Towards Financial Freedom

The end goal in doing these money challenges is forming the habit of saving money. These are a few of the baby steps that we can take towards achieving financial freedom.

These challenges are short term as well and one thing that will make one stick to these challenges is setting goals. Apart from forming a habit, what are you saving up for? Z and I have big goals this year. And I do hope that we can tick a few off the list by the end of 2018. Looking forward to the challenge.

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Saturday’s Excursion: Divisoria Shopping

divisoria shopping feature

Yesterday morning, my best friend, RB, and I went Divisoria shopping. With only a couple hours of sleep, I dragged myself up for a quick shower before meeting her across the street before 9 AM. 

Since we have planned tasks to do separately, we took a Grab car on our way to Lucky Chinatown in Binondo. It was actually my first time to go to Divisoria via that route. Truth to be told, in all of my 12+ years of living in the big metro, I’ve only been to Divisoria for about 10 times or less. No kidding!

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The Birthday Weekend

Before I got pregnant, I used to celebrate my birthday partying with friends. We would be drinking until the wee hours in the morning and nurse a hangover the next day. Chill during day time, then back to partying the next night. Nowadays, I celebrate birthdays in a totally different way. I guess I am really getting older now. 

So I turned another year older. I don’t feel any different. I am still the stressed out momma in need of a very long vacation. Haha! 

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6 Steps in Choosing a Financial Product – Good Housekeeping Money Matters

good housekeeping money matters

Do you know why Filipinos get easily scammed? It’s because we buy products or services that we do not truly understand. We also love get-rich-quick schemes. I mean, who doesn’t want to get rich in the shortest time possible? But every single time, we hear people regret decisions of signing themselves up with such schemes because instead of gaining, they lost their investment.


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My Mother’s Day Weekend at SM Aura

Overall, regardless of the day or the time, I am so honored to be a mom to a very special boy. My son has brought me so much joy since he came to my life. He forced me to become a better person and to push myself further to achieve my goals. Most of all, he showed me how it feels to be loved and to love unconditionally. For that alone, I am thankful.

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Mother’s Day Special – Thank You, Mama!

Thank you for not giving up on us, even when we have given you so much headache and heartache in our younger years. 🙂

Now that I am a mom myself, I am starting to realize how hard it is to be you. With everything that our family has gone through, you have shown strength, courage and determination. And a lot of love and patience.

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Roadtrips and Holidays

After five and a half  months, we are at home here in the mountain city for the holidays. We have about a week of cool weather though given the long weekend due to the All Saints’ Day holiday, I am expecting an influx of tourists in the mountain city (as it has been previously). Anyway, given that it’s been almost half the year before I got to be on a long bus ride with the little boy and on vacation for almost a week, I actually had a hard time packing what we needed to bring. Since the little boy […]

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Blabber Chapter: 3 AM

I’ve been told a long time ago that 3AM is the time when we are most vulnerable. Recently, I’ve seen this pass by my Facebook newsfeed, too. Well, it must be true. Being the nocturnal person that I am, being asleep at 3AM is rare for me. Working the night shift for so long screwed up my body clock, I guess. Now that I work the mid-shift, I still find myself awake at this hour. By the time I get home at around midnight until the wee hours in the morning is what I consider my quiet time. It is […]

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Just Checking in…

It’s been almost two weeks since I last posted. How did that happen?! LOL! It’s been a very busy month at work and it will get busier by next month. We are in the middle of transitions this month so there are quite a few turnovers and a lot more tasks at hand. At the same time, I’ve been cramming on planning Z’s 3rd birthday party. So, for the past couple of weeks, I have been juggling Z’s therapy sessions, being a Mom, employee responsibilities, and party planning. It’s a lot and quite overwhelming for this momma who is so […]

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Prepping for a House Party…

Three Sundays ago, I hosted my very first house party. The guests were my friends so I didn’t need to exert a lot of effort to please them. 🙂 Well, Z’s nanny and I cleaned the house, and hid the clutter to have more space. That was good enough. 😛 When I was a kid, house parties back home was when food (pancit or spaghetti, barbeque and all that) was prepared at home and the cake was store-bought. This time around, my house party consisted of food bought from the store and the cake homemade. 😛 I was able to find a simple […]

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