Day 5: Favorite Movies and Black and White

Blog Challenge: Favorite movies you never get sick of watching

Thinking about this, I can think of two at the moment: Edward Scissorhands and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. (I know there are still a few more but my mind’s almost dead at this time as I haven’t had any sleep yet. Don’t ask how long. :P)  

I like Johnny Depp because of his versatility as an actor. He played his character, Edward Scissorhands, very well. But that is not the reason why I never get sick of watching this movie. I like this because I see it as something that says “you may be flawed on the outside but does not necessarily mean you are on the inside.” This movie was about the creation of an inventor that was never completed because he died. Edward then had scissor hands instead of human hands.

favorite movies_Edward Scissorhands
Edward Scissorhands

Well, apart from the great looking topiaries and ice sculptures done by Edward, for me, the movie was about acceptance. Accepting and being accepted, standing up for what is right, going against society. In the movie, Edward accepted his fate that he will never have human hands because of his inventor’s sudden death. A family let him into their own and accepted him as part of the family. The family went against society’s norm by having an unusual guest in their home. And they fought their community as well when things got tough for Edward.

And who wouldn’t love watching Disney classics over and over again, right? Beauty and the Beast is just one of the Disney classic cartoons that I love to watch over and over. The movie is about a cursed prince who fell in love with his captive. I guess I could say that in this movie, it threw the question out in the open, “how far would you go to fight for the one you love?” Cheesy, right? But then hey, watching love stories are fun at times, too. 😛

favorite movies_Disney's Beauty and the Beast
Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Both of these movies speak about acceptance. And that is one good reason why I love these two movies. Need I say more?

Photo Challenge: Black and White

So, of course, I will again be posting one of my son’s photos. I took this photo just a few hours before posting. And as usual, please bear with me as I post photos taken by my phone. I don’t really have a SLR with me and I only borrow from my brother if they are not going to use their toys. Here is the black and white photo. 🙂

favorite movies_black and white

PS. I haven’t had sleep for the past 36 hours so please bear with me if this blog doesn’t make any sense 🙂

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