When the Thought is Gone

Have you ever had that experience when you are not able to access your blog yet you have this great thought running in your head that you just want to blog about and once you have access to any gadgets that can enable you to post a blog, all thoughts are lost and you are left with this one big empty hole in your head with the question, “now, what?”?

Yep, I am in that kind of a loophole right now. Amidst all the emails I needed to respond to at work and all other tasks that I needed to complete, I had this one thought that I really wanted to blog about and when I got home earlier, I accessed my blog account, clicked on Add New Post, my fingers all ready to type away and yet my fingers stopped a few millimeters away from the keys because I didn’t know which letter I need to press first to start writing. All the things that I wanted to write about all gone from my head.

And now, I am left with blogging what just happened instead just because I wanted to post something. LOL!

Oh well. I’d say, welcome to the world of the stressed out workaholic mom.

So for now, I’d not make this any longer. Since it is already 2AM this side of the world and I need to be awake in about 5 hours to take care of my baby before going to work, let me say my good nights and sweet dreams.

Good night and sweet dreams. Til the next post. Hopefully I have a more coherent idea to blog about. LOL!

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