Holy Week Weekend…

It is the Holy Week again. I cannot even remember the last time I went home for the Holy Week. Reason for this is because there are a lot of people (and when I say a lot, I really mean A LOT) travelling back to their provinces to spend time with families, go on vacations and the likes. Just imagine the traffic jams along major highways. A normal 6.5 hours commute from the big metro to Baguio can take as long as 7-8 hours because of traffic jams and long chance passenger queues at the bus stations.

I have decided long ago to spend the holy week in the big metro instead to avoid all that hassle. For the past several years, I have spent my holy week working. Yes, I am a workaholic and I am used to working during holidays. The only holidays I really take advantage of are the Christmas and New Year. I always take a 2-week break at the end of the year. (But I bring home my work laptop with me just in case I need to work on something urgent).

Anyway, this year, it is going to be something different. I am going home tomorrow, Good Friday. And the only reason is to spend time with my little Z (since he is currently in Baguio with my Mom). Had I had the choice, he’d have spent the holy week here with me (since the big metro will be a little bit quieter compared to normal days 🙂 ). However, since I still don’t have a nanny and my sister went on a 4-day hike with my brother, I have no choice but to leave my little angel at home. I just hope that there will no longer be long queues at the bus station by tomorrow. I can’t wait to spend another weekend with my growing little boy. 🙂 <3

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