12 Days For The Year That Was – June 2015

It’s still raining outside, making the weather a lot cooler in the big metro than what the people are used to, I think. As for me, I love this cool weather. I can say that I am able to take advantage of using my blanket fully. πŸ™‚ And my fan is still turned on for that matter as well. Haha! Oh well, I am from the mountains so this kind of temperature is nothing new to me.

I was trying to think back to what happened this month and I really cannot think of any that has significant value. It was relatively quiet at work during this month. Meaning not much issues arising that reached VP-level kind of escalation or something to that effect. Zaine was confined again this month due to pneumonia. And we were able to hire a nanny for the little boy as well during this month.

I do remember going on leave from work for almost the whole week because little Z was confined. Though he was discharged after a couple of days, I stayed with him for the whole week at home. I worked from home as well during those days. That same week was the start of the nanny with us. The feeling of having hired one was quite weird, though.Β The nanny experience story would be for some other time.

While there was not much that happened during this month, I would say that I have been grateful for the lesson in sacrifice. You see, I could have always told my family that I’ll just send the money and ask them to look after my son during his short hospital stay. And while I know that they would grudgingly be okay with it, it doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t say that they feel great about it. On my part, it’s either I work so I can save up for Z’s future expenses, enhance my skills at work and prove that I am deserving of my current position and all that OR sacrifice work for my son’s welfare. Of course, my son’s welfare comes first. While I did sacrifice having overtime pay due to the amount of work that needed to be done,Β it didn’t really matter since making Z feel healthy and happy is the top most priority in my list.

My take away for the month of June is that we really have to make sacrifices at times. There will be situations and circumstances wherein you will have to sacrifice one thing to achieve the other or vice versa. The question there would be: after all this, would the sacrifices I made made a difference in a few persons’ lives and will the sacrifice that I will make matter in the next 5, 10 years? There is nothing wrong in making sacrifices but you have to weigh in all the options before doing something.

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