The Last Day….

Today marks the end of my 5 year stay in this residence. As mentioned before, this tiny, shoebox-sized but quite became a cozy place has been home for the last 5 years. Quite a lot of memories I have here, too. Oh well.

Yeah, I am quite sentimental now. I mean, what is 5 years, right? Well, for me, 5 years is a long time. So there. It’s the longest time that I’ve stayed in one place in the big metro. I usually stay for 2 years at the maximum, you know.

All things are packed and ready to go except the bed because I am still trying to figure out how to disassemble the frame without tools. Well, I got tools but it’s already packed in one of the boxes somewhere. Go figure. LOL!

So, this is it. The final day, the final night. Tomorrow morning will be move out day and in the afternoon, I will be busy fixing up my things in the new residence.

New memories to be made and whatever. So, well, for now, cheers to the last night!


I sure will blog about the move once I am settled in the new place.

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