#RandomThoughts: Amidst the Storm

As I type this, the bus has just left the terminal on the way to the big metro. I took my usual trip, 11:55pm, just so I can avoid the morning super heavy traffic jam that starts at Balintawak all the way to the end of EDSA on a Monday.

However, right now, there’s a storm and the rains have gotten stronger just before we left. I can’t even remember the last time I travelled in the midst of a storm. Last year before I gave birth, we waited out the storm before going home to the mountain city. So technically, it was not a stormy trip. I’m not sure how long this trip will take (not the usual 5.5 – 6 hours probably) since the roads would be slippery. I just hope it won’t take too long, though, since it is also raining in the big metro, I heard.

If I dig through my muddled brain (haha), the last time I remembered travelling to the mountain city in the middle of the storm was years ago. Those were the times when I insisted on celebrating my birthday back home. During those days, I didn’t care if there’s a storm as long as I get home and drink with friends. That life feels like somebody else’s now. LOL! Those were the days indeed. I must really be getting old.

For some reason, I’m quite calm during this trip given that it seems that we are in the middle of the heavy downpour. It has already been declared signal number 3 in the mountain city just before I left the house. Who in the right mind travels in this storm, anyway? Looks like I am not in the right mind. Hahaha! I’ve seen some posts earlier as well that the big metro has declared no classes tomorrow (Monday). Well, I don’t think work stops though. I have to watch for news just in case there will be floods all over the metro again. Not that my area gets flooded, anyway.

Oh well, be safe, all! God bless this trip, too. 🙂

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