Missing Little Z…

It’s already Friday dawn on this side of the world. I should be getting some sleep since I still have to work later today before I take another long commute home to my little boy.

It’s been just 4 days (well, not counting today yet) since I last saw little Z but I do miss him terribly. I was able to see him online a couple of days ago, though. But then again, who am I kidding, right? Seeing your little boy on the screen and seeing him and actually able to hold him, hug him and kiss him are two different things. What can I do given the circumstances? I just have to suck it up in the mean time.

skype with the little boy
skype with the little boy

It has been a stressful work week to say the least. So many things to do, so little time.¬†At the end of the day, I really don’t look forward to coming home to an empty apartment. I do want my son to be with me. I think the right term is NEED. I need my son with me. I need to see him everyday. I need to see him grow. I need him here. And I guess I could also say that my son needs me more than I need him.

I just want for that time to come that I will look forward to coming home because I will see my little boy. I really miss my baby….

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