I Must Be Getting Old…

So, I just got home after hanging out in a coffee shop watching people do what they do on Friday nights. It’s been a long while since I’ve had a Friday night doing what people do to celebrate the weekend.

So there I was, sitting with my feet up on the opposite chair, sipping on a cold coffee drink watching the crowd in front of me with a mixture of detached amusement and amazement. Man, I can only shake my head as I got up and left.

I watched dolled up ladies wait on a table for men to approach them. Probably for a conversation, a couple of drinks or other what-nots. There were three (about four, I think) ladies sitting on a table beside me with no drinks and just watching (or probably waiting) to be approached. I’ve seen a few more tables near me with either a dolled up lady on her own or a group. And right there, in front of me, are several tables of people (majority men) getting up, roaming around and approaching tables with dolled up ladies. Well, it’s not the typical bar scenario. Not what I was used to, anyway.

And when I say dolled up, I mean they have carefully made up faces, tight skirts and dresses and high heels. They actually made me feel too out of place with my jeans and shirt and sneakers. LOL! Not that I really cared.

The place must be a good place to meet new people, if you’re into that kind of crowd. Apparently, I am not. But what makes it sad is the realization that ladies still feel the need to be all dolled up to be noticed. Whatever happened to women empowerment? Why do women still have to do these things just to be noticed by a man?

I don’t know. Maybe I am just getting old. Or probably I am more conservative that I thought I was. But when I look back, I’ve never been that kind of person. Sure I used to wear make up and dress up quite nicely (though still in jeans or denim skirts), but to go all out wearing tight dresses that barely covers your butt when you sit, nah, I never did that. I never sat alone waiting for a guy to approach me and/or pick me up. I sat alone in bars before but that was because I was hanging out with the band playing. 😛

Anyway, I am just glad to be home with my earphones plugged in while I listen to music from 20 years ago (that was 1997 people, no longer 1987 as what my best friend reminded me the other day) while drinking a glass of leftover pink moscato that has been left sitting in my fridge for several months now. LOL! #fridaynightsbelike

But I do miss the Friday night scene. The one that I was used to. Drinking in a bar with friends while listening to a live band (mainstream rock music, reggae, blues and the likes) or chilling out with an acoustic player singing folk songs. Heck, I would even go as far as saying I miss going to country bars! LOL!

Anybody knows a place in the big metro that has any of these? Where you can just chill with a few bottles of beer in the company of long-time friends? I might have to drag my friends to one one of these days just to chill.

Oh well. What about you, dearies? What’s your Friday night like nowadays?


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