Happy Hearts Day!

We are already in the middle of the love month and today is hearts day. 🙂

Happy Hearts Day!

Today is also my Mom’s birthday. She and my sister will be coming to the big metro on the weekend so I’ll just treat them both when they get here. More on that soon.

When I was a few years younger, I used to spend my after-work mornings at a coffee shop. I would sit there for hours with my earphones plugged in, listening to my playlist that has not been changed for quite a while. I’d order myself a cup of coffee or two, bring out my notebook and start writing. I’d write whatever I have in my head – sometimes rants, sometimes ideas, sometimes stories. I am not able to do this nowadays though.

So, I was rummaging through my other blog, trying to find something that I’ve written a long time ago, when I stumbled on one post. Given that it’s Valentine’s day today, I guess this is timely to share it here.

So here goes. Enjoy!

A Love Letter for No One


I have been waiting for you for a long time now but you are still nowhere to be found. I am not sure if you’ve already shown yourself and I just lost the opportunity to meet you or if you have already passed by but haven’t seen me.

I wonder if you are one of the millions of people I pass by everyday. And I wonder if you are wondering how you’re going to know that it was me you’re looking for, too. In my mind, it was like we were in a maze, trying to find our way into each other’s arms, only, instead of walls, doors and hallways, our barriers are time and space.

We both meet other people, thinking that they are the one we are looking for but for some reason, we both feel that something’s lacking. Something that we can only find in each other.

Just the thought of you trying to find me too is exhilarating to the point that I get impatient for taking so long. It tries my patience but maybe, just maybe, this is one of those tests that we have to go through.

While waiting for you, I wonder if you would be everything I have ever wanted. Would you be brave and strong enough to fight my battles? Compassionate enough to forgive me of all my wrongdoings and understanding enough to accept my imperfections? Would you hold my hand when I am discouraged, dry my tears when I cry, will you tell me that everything will be alright when it would start to feel like the world is crumbling down?

I imagine you to be my own personal knight in shining armor, not that I am a damsel in distress – far from it, anyway. And I fell in love with that image of you in my head. However, no matter how I try to conjure you up in my mind, I cannot get a glimpse of your face. I don’t even know what color your eyes are or if they twinkle when you smile. How would you look like?

I wonder what kind of humor you got. Or if you even have one. Would you be the serious type or the funny one? Would you be cynical? Or would you be the perfect mix of everything? I would hope so.

There are so many things that I would like to know about you. And there are so many things that I would like to say to you. But for now, I will just write you another letter in the hopes that one day, you get to read them… with me beside you.



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