Welcome Home, Sweetheart!

We – Z, Yaya Len and I – arrived in the big metro earlier tonight, accompanied by my sis and the van driver. It was a 5-hour relaxed trip with a few heavy traffic jams encountered along the way.

We would have arrived earlier but we encountered a glitch with the van arrangement so we got delayed by half a day. All in all, it was good.

While waiting for the ride to arrive…
He fell asleep while waiting…
Selfie on the road 😝
Van inspection during one of the stop overs

Since it was already dinner time when we arrived in the big metro, we decided to have dinner first at Megamall before heading home.

“Mum, where’s our order? I’m hungry.”

The little boy was exhausted but had trouble sleeping because of the change of environment. It took him a few hours before falling asleep.

“Mum, I’m sleeping on your bed tonight.”

Since we were able to find a stay-in nanny for Z who is willing to stay in the big metro, Z has now moved in with Mommy.😝 Tonight is his first night of many, many more nights. No more one-month stay every now and then, no more working around schedules, no more long commutes for this Momma every weekend. Well, long commutes will be on those days when we go home for visits.

It’s going to be a new adventure for the two of us, that’s for sure. And I am so looking forward to it.

Welcome home, sweetheart! 😘

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