Of Gangsters, Long Hair, Etc.

As I type this, I am on my way to the mountain city to be with my son for the weekend. In fact, right now, I am just waiting for the bus to leave from a more-than-supposedly-15-minute stopover. I stepped off the bus a few minutes ago to stretch my legs and got back in in less than 5 minutes. And yes, I brought my backpack with me when I got off earlier. I learned my lesson well. 😀

Anyway, just before we made a stopover, the movie being played in the bus ended. They showed a local teen flick, “She’s Dating a Gangster”. Geez! Yes, I watched it just because I had nothing better to do with my time. And I am actually deciding if I will dissect the film and write down my thoughts about it. Here are a few criticisms that I just couldn’t let go:

– I am guessing that the timeline of the story was probably around mid-90’s (biggest clue would be the beepers). I don’t remember gangsters to be skater boys around those times, though. How in the world did they come up with their gangster persona anyway?

– And since when did you have a “gangster” playing for the varsity team? Not only that, he’s the “star player”, too? If I remember correctly, during the 90’s, students were already stereotyped. You’ve got your nerds, your athletes, the socialites, the artists, the notorious, the outcasts. (There might be other stereotypes but you get my drift). Rarely do those groups connect and totally cross paths apart from being classmates. Blackmailing a person from a different “specie”, aka stereotype, to be a part of a plan to make your ex-GF jealous is quite unheard of. On second thought, since I grew up in a small city, maybe those thing happen in the big city during those days. Who knows?

– School setup in the movie was college, I think. Why did I have a feeling the whole time that they were just in high school? Or am I just really getting old?

– A mother pleading to her daughter’s ex-boyfriend to get back together so that her daughter will live. This part really bothered me. That’s just wrong. I do know that a mother will do everything to make sure her child lives but to plead that an ex-boyfriend – who apparently had moved on with his life – to break off his current relationship to get back together with a dying daughter to make her happy is just plain wrong. I, as a mom, would never force someone to be with my child just to make him happy. You cannot force someone to love you. Plain and simple.

But then, hey, it was just a movie, I know. Still, that part was a sucky twist just to have a dramatic breakup. The writer could have done a bit better than that.

I would have given the movie a good rating if the writer was able to profile the characters based on the actual profiles that they portrayed back in the 90’s. But since there seem to be a lack of in depth character profiling, well, what can I say? And don’t get me started with the actors and their acting skills. Haha!

If there’s one thing that I like in the movie, it was the kid’s long hair. What’s the name of that kid that portrayed the “gangster”? Yeah, that kid sporting that shoulder-length hair. I liked the hair, not the kid. Let’s make that clear, shall we?

I am such a sucker for guys with long hair. The fascination started in high school and I never outgrew it. There’s just something appealing about it, I guess.

Oh and we are back on the road. I wish this trip will go a little bit faster so I can get home to my baby love a little bit earlier.

Going back to guys with long hair. It doesn’t look good to everyone, mind you. Some guys look better with short, cropped hair, some with no hair and a few who could sport long hair really well. And not all guys with long hair are musicians, too. Contrary to popular belief, there are guys who grew their hair long just because they wanted it to. Others do it just because they’re too lazy to get a hair cut. And I’ve met guys with long hair who were more vain than women when it comes to hair care. LOL! You could actually get hair care tips from them. Seriously! 😀

It’s already past 3AM this side of the world. The bus air conditioning is too cold and I can’t close the one above my seat because it no longer has that flap that closes the vent. Good thing I have a shawl with me that I use as a blanket when I travel and I brought my handy-dandy round pillow. All I need now is to find a comfortable position to be able to get a few hours’ sleep.

And with that said, I end this post. I am done being peeved with the movie and the lady in front of me who got too excited during the start of the movie that I thought she was going to jump up and down her seat with glee. LOL!

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