A New Chapter…

I had a blog for my pregnancy journey that I shared to a few family and friends. It was one hell of a journey that was. It was enjoyable, fun, worrisome, and all that rolled into one. Well, I didn’t enjoy going through labor to be honest. That was a whole lot of pain to be endured just to bring into this world the love of my life.

So, here is a new chapter of my journey. Being a Mom. There are times that it still feels all so surreal. Sometimes, when I watch my son sleep in the wee hours in the morning, I still wonder how I could deserve such a precious child. And then there’s that moment when anxiety hits to the point of panic because I, again, question my ability as a person to take on the role of being a Mom. I mean, let’s face it. It is NOT easy being a mother.

So, join me as I venture into this new chapter in my life. 🙂


I am a control-freak person hence the title… In case you’re wondering 😛

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