Saturday’s Excursion: Divisoria Shopping

divisoria shopping feature

Yesterday morning, my best friend, RB, and I went Divisoria shopping. With only a couple hours of sleep, I dragged myself up for a quick shower before meeting her across the street before 9 AM. 

Since we have planned tasks to do separately, we took a Grab car on our way to Lucky Chinatown in Binondo. It was actually my first time to go to Divisoria via that route. Truth to be told, in all of my 12+ years of living in the big metro, I’ve only been to Divisoria for about 10 times or less. No kidding!

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Christmas Shopping Starts Now…

It’s already the start of the second week of November. Where have all those weeks gone by? Just barely 7 weeks and it is Christmas once again. Have you started with your Christmas shopping yet? I haven’t yet. I haven’t started decorating yet, too, since I find it a tad bit too early for Christmas decorations. We usually start decorating at the end of the month or the first weekend of December. My schedule has been going haywire lately and I haven’t had the chance to visit the sale and bazaar events that I’ve been waiting for for months. 🙁 Today is […]

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Shopping for the little boy…

It’s Saturday morning already in this side of the world. Another week has passed, though I am not sure if I was really productive at work. Oh well. I already told you about last weekend’s cravings. Well, my cravings, that is. Given that SM is on a mega-sale this weekend, I might just as well post about my shopping spree for little Z. Last weekend, when I went home to Baguio (which I refer to as mountain city in previous posts), I picked up Z at church as my Mom brought him with her that morning. Before I went to […]

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Shopping Tips for Parents-To-Be

I’ve been thinking of something to blog that will be a bit light to write about (since most of the ideas I have in my head are a tad bit depressing so I’ll shy away from that for now). I decided to walk home from work earlier to clear my head when I thought, why not write something about shopping for babies? Well, why not? Sounds like fun. I have liked quite a few mommy pages in Facebook and in every community page I liked, there is always that one mom asking about what she needs to prepare for the […]

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