Coffee Time with the Family at Cafe Yagam

cafe yagam feature

I’ve been hearing good things about Cafe Yagam so I was eager to try the place out. So on the last day of October, after visiting my sister to find gold from her stocks of clothes (aka ukay-ukay for sale – I found two very nice tops!), we headed to Cafe Yagam for our afternoon coffee treat.

Situated in a residential area, the house-turned-coffee shop has that feel that makes you feel right at home. They have wooden floors, wooden tables and chairs and big windows that lets the cool mountain breeze in. The surrounding area is quiet, too, and none of the city’s usual hustle and bustle. It’s a perfect place for people wanting to enjoy the cool Baguio weather and to have conversations with friends.

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Roadtrips and Holidays

After five and a half  months, we are at home here in the mountain city for the holidays. We have about a week of cool weather though given the long weekend due to the All Saints’ Day holiday, I am expecting an influx of tourists in the mountain city (as it has been previously). Anyway, given that it’s been almost half the year before I got to be on a long bus ride with the little boy and on vacation for almost a week, I actually had a hard time packing what we needed to bring. Since the little boy […]

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Vacation over so soon…

A few hours  from now, I – together with my son and my sister – will be travelling back to the big metro. The holidays are over and I need to go back to work (much to my disappointment 🙁 ). My son has an appointment with his pedia-ophthal on Tuesday that is why he is going back with me. My sister is coming with us as well to help take care of my little big boy while I report back to work. It was a very short two weeks, to tell you honestly. It seems like my son has […]

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