Little Z’s Birth Story

I know, I know. I have been planning to post this last month for the Down Syndrome Consciousness Month but I never got around to it. But then again, who said that I need to write this post at a certain month, right? I created this blog to document our journey to life as mother and son. Little did I know that our journey would be a whole lot different from what I envisioned it to be. I have previously posted bits and pieces about the rough start that we have. So, let me sum it up in this one long […]

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And The Journey Begins Again…

My son’s medical journey, I mean. After several months of hiatus from the rigorous process of setting doctors’ appointments and consultations, we are once again back in the same route. Before I go further, let me share this to you: Yes, I finally became a member of DSAPI. After several months of contemplation, I finally realized and accepted that I need them for my son. Let’s just say that I am still in the process of accepting my new reality and that it was not the reality that I had hoped and planned for. It’s not going to as easy as 1-2-3, […]

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Doctor, Doctor, I am Sick…

while waiting for his turn to be checked by the doctor...

I was supposed to report to work the first half of the day. But then I had to text my supervisor to inform her that I will be on leave today. When I got home last night, little Z woke up and vomited. At around 6 in the morning, when he cuddled beside me, he was hot. Way opposite from his clammy skin the night before.

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Red/Orange Weekend, a Giveaway and Brownie Craving

So I went home to the mountain city over the weekend. And boy, was I glad to have purchased my bus ticket going home because the chance passengers line was so long, it would have taken me a few hours before I can get a ride had I not bought my ticket. I got the 1AM trip home and arrived at around 6ish in the morning. Before leaving the terminal, I bought another ticket for Sunday night going back to the big metro. Even back home, there were way too many people at the terminal that night. And the chance […]

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Early Intervention Seminar by DSAPI

Today, my mom, sis and I attended the Early Intervention Seminar conducted by the Down Syndrome Association of the Phils, Inc (DSAPI). There were just a few of us who attended for the first time. Apart from us, there was a family who has a 2-year old boy with DS. There was also a SPED teacher who attended. Another teacher who attended has a 16-year old brother with DS, autism and ADHD. There was a nanny in Saudi who takes care of a child with DS but only attended the first part of the program. And the other was a […]

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Down With The Sickness

…Get up, come on get down with the sickness… Well, that’s how the song goes but I am not writing about Disturb’s Down with the Sickness song. Trust me, if you don’t know that song, you’d rather not know about it. Especially if you have, say, a more sensitive side, for the lack of better term. Anyway, this is a long overdue post, really, so it may be a tad bit longer than usual. I already had this title for a while now because of the song. I like the heavy beat of the song, bottom line. But like I said, […]

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Meet Our New Friends

As of this writing, my son is still awake, playing on the bed beside me. (And it is already 11:33 PM this side of the world). After a whole day travel, you’d have thought this kid is already tired and sleeping at this time. Looks like it doesn’t work that way. Not yet anyway. Update: 30 minutes after writing the above, the little boy finally succumbed to blessed sleep. Now I can finish this post by typing with all fingers on both hands. LOL! So here goes: Yesterday, well, Saturday afternoon, we met with a new friend. I stumbled upon […]

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Little Z’s First Food

first food

I’ve been wanting to start Little Z with solids as early as 4 months but given all the medical hullabaloo that he went through last year, I knew I had to postpone it. And I was advised against it, too, given that he was having milk reflux when he was a lot younger. I have decided to start him with solids since the little boy is turning 6 months by the end of the week. After a few weeks of trying to find something that I can feed him – checking all 1st food of Gerber, Healthy Options and what-nots, […]

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Little Z’s Trip To The Eye Doctor

eye doctor

So, Little Z had his check up with the eye doctor earlier. Starting January this year, he has eye check up every two weeks. This is to ensure that his eyes are healing properly following his surgery last December. With the exception of the other week’s findings, his eyes appear to be healing properly.

But the other week, the eye doctor said Z’s eyes have swelling.

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When Little Z Discovered The Backyardigans…

After several weeks of not letting him listen to Elmo’s World songs, I tried to let him watch Elmo’s World in YouTube. It was surprising because we never got a reaction from him. And then I remembered The Backyardigans. So I searched YouTube for The Backyardigans songs. Oh boy, the little boy loved it. Instead of me describing his reactions, better check out these videos. Watching my little boy get so excited was really fun. Enjoy! 🙂

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