10 Fall Biking Essentials

The weather is slowly cooling down, and fall is just around the corner, which means that city bikes are on the rise for commuters. However, to get the most out of your bicycle, be sure to purchase those fall bike accessoriesThere are at least ten items that help to make fall riding more enjoyable.

  1. Jacket

While you may own one of the best bikes for women or men, that top of the line will do nothing to keep you warm on those cold fall days. While it is necessary to bundle up, you don’t need to put on a parka. A nice lightweight jacket will do fine even on those 40-degree mornings.

  1. Layered Jerseys and Tops

Another option for staying warm, but not too warm, is to layer your clothing. Start with a jersey as a base layer to help wick moisture away from your skin, and then add another layer. The two layers work together to trap an insulating layer of air.

  1. Thermal Pants or Tights

While most riders prefer to wear bike shorts, at 50-degrees or less you should opt for longer or full-length leg coverings. Some of the best choices are tights with a wind-resistant front, which can be worn over your bike shorts to maintain your padded bottom.

  1. Cycling Socks

Cycling socks offer warmth through merino wool, but you can also purchase liner socks, which are thin and meant to be worn in addition to cycling socks. However, wearing multiple layers of socks may affect the way your bike shoes fit.

  1. Skullcap or Headband

Almost every cycling helmet has ventilation built into the sides, which is welcome in the hot, humid summer. Unfortunately, these vents allow in all air, which means that the colder air of the fall can numb your noggin. Therefore, wear pick up a skull cap or headband that you can wear under your helmet to keep warm.

  1. Shoe Covers or Booties

Another place that cold air tends to seep into is your shoes. Therefore, pick up a pair of cycling covers or booties. These ingenious little neoprene devices cover over the tops and tongue of your shoes to protect against the wind and cold.

  1. Gloves

While fingerless gloves might work during the summer, in the fall, your fingers take the brunt of the wind and chill. Therefore, you must protect your hands and keep them warm. After all, your hands play a critical role in bicycle control.

  1. Leg and Arm Warmers

At the beginning of fall, leg and arm warmers might be enough to keep you warm. However, in the off chance that these elements make you too warm, they can be rolled up or removed easily.

  1. Lighting

For many areas, the fall means early sunsets, which means that lighting is crucial for bicycle safety. Therefore, pick up a headlight and taillight before the weather shifts and leaves you in the dark.

  1. Reflectors

Again, because of the sunset being earlier, you need to make sure that you are visible. Pick up reflectors to mount to your bike, and even look into reflective gear or tape.

Fall riding is beautiful, but it does require some precautions. Review the list of bike accessories above, go to your local shop and get ready to ride.

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